Should You Exfoliate Before Waxing?

Preparing for a waxing appointment should be a simple and easy thing to do. However, many waxing studios and spas don’t provide basic information for their clients! Do you know...

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Preparing for a waxing appointment should be a simple and easy thing to do. However, many waxing studios and spas don’t provide basic information for their clients! Do you know if all your clients know the right answer to whether they should exfoliate before a waxing appointment? Give your clients the best tips to give them the best waxing experience, and to keep them coming back over and over again.

What is exfoliation?

Put simply, exfoliation is any process that removes dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. There are several types of exfoliation, and not all types are best for every skin type. It’s also important not to over exfoliate, as you risk irritating your skin and causing breakouts, redness, and sensitivity.

Why exfoliation before waxing is important

Exfoliating is one of the easiest, and most important ways to achieve clear and blemish free skin. While going for a waxing session, clear softened skin achieves the best results with the fewest side effects. When your clients have their best waxing experience with you, they won’t go anywhere else! Exfoliation helps ensure the hairs are free from being trapped under the skin.

Methods of exfoliationmethods of exfoliation

Depending on your client’s skin type, there are multiple methods of exfoliation that you can recommend. The two main differences of method are mechanical and chemical. Prior to waxing, you want to avoid chemical exfoliants. These usually leave skin slightly tender, especially if they contain retinol. Instead, you want to recommend mechanical exfoliating methods.

Mechanical exfoliation uses a tool like a scrub or brush to get rid of all that dead skin and dirt off the top layer of the skin. Another added benefit is that it softens up the hair that is about to be waxed.

What happens if you don’t exfoliate?

If your clients don’t exfoliate before they come to their appointment, their waxing won’t go as smoothly. Additionally, if they don’t exfoliate after their wax, they risk getting ingrown hairs. At the very least, if your clients don’t exfoliate before waxing they definitely should a couple days afterward.

When should you exfoliate before waxing?

The timing is vitally important to ensure the best possible waxing experience. Never exfoliate the day of your appointment! Ideally, you exfoliate the area that you will be getting waxed one to two days prior to your session.

Benefits of educating your clients about exfoliation

The easiest way to grow your business is by securing loyal clients that return and book on a regular basis. To do this, you want to prove to the client that you’re the best esthetician in the area that gives them the best experience for their money.

Your client receives a better experience

When a client exfoliates before their waxing appointment, they receive a better overall experience. Combine this advice with other pre-waxing guidelines and your experienced technique. Anyone that walks through the doors of your business will have the least painful wax, and smoothest skin that they’ve ever experienced from waxing!

Demonstrate your knowledge to your clientele

Another benefit of educating your clients and giving them information is that you demonstrate authority on the topic you know the most about. The majority of waxing clients aren’t other estheticians, and they don’t have the knowledge that you do! They may look things up on the internet and watch videos, but not all information out there is correct. Being able to answer questions and guide clients to flawless results is just as important as the waxing itself.

Benefits of exfoliating for your client

The guidelines and helpful advice for your clients is more than just empty advice. It has concrete benefits for the clients that follow it. It’s not the end of the world if they forget once or twice, as everyone gets busy. As long as you’ve stressed the importance of exfoliation and given them the necessary information, you’ve done your job!

An easier waxing appointment

Properly exfoliated skin and hair make for an easier, less painful wax. The melted wax adheres better to hair that has been exfoliated. If they add it to their regular skincare routine, they reduce the chance of breakouts, dry patches, and an uneven complexion.

Other steps to take before your session

In addition to exfoliation, there are other steps you should inform your clients to take prior to their appointment. To reduce pain and inflammation, clients should take a non-aspirin painkiller such as ibuprofen or Advil. They also need to avoid caffeine and alcohol the day of the treatment.

Consider sending an email with all relevant information when a client books with you. You can send another reminder a couple days before the appointment with a note to exfoliate, too! It’ll be super beneficial to new clients, but experienced ones can always use a refresher.

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