Thank you for showing interest in our education based offerings! Here at Bare Beauty Wax Supply we believe that continual education is key when mastering your craft. It can be hard to find professionals in the industry who can take the time to help you. That's where we come in!

Introducing, Bare Beauty Wax Supply's Product Demonstrations! Each month we will be working with different wax brands in the industry to curate a FREE class for those looking to expand their knowledge in the wax industry. Whether you're a student, licensed esthetician, or just looking to learn a new skill these classes are for you! In each class we will go over brand specifics, wax formulations, what type of wax works best for you, and proper technique in application.

At the end of every class we will also offer time for a dedicated, guided shopping experience where we can assist you in finding your perfect wax match. It's our top priority that you walk away from our class feeling confident in yourself and your new range of knowledge!

Are you an educator for an accredited esthetics school? We would love to get in touch with you! We offer special programs for school's looking to bring in industry professionals for further education on anything waxing!



2024 Current Class Schedule:


Saturday, April 13th 11am-2pm ~ Pacific Wax Co

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Saturday, May 11th 11am-2pm ~ Italwax

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Saturday, June 15th 11am-2pm ~ Naturaverde Pro & Brow Down Studio Pro.     (Paid Double Certification Class)

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Sunday, June 16th 11am12pm ~ TBA



One on One Brazilian Training 

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