Tips for Estheticians During Waxing Appointments: Maximize Client Return Rate

The secret to creating long-lasting, loyal clients is simple: make theirs the best appointment they’ve ever had! Easier said than done, right? It doesn’t have to be. Master your waxing...

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tips for estheticians

The secret to creating long-lasting, loyal clients is simple: make their waxing experience the best appointment they’ve ever had! Easier said than done, right? It doesn’t have to be.

Master your waxing technique, provide expert customer service, and you’ll be leagues ahead of corporate wax establishments (you know the ones) and many other estheticians.

Proper skin and client prep

Client experience all begins with proper preparation. Opposite of what you might think, client prep doesn’t start at the beginning of their appointment. Make sure your clients know what to expect, and the steps they need to take before coming into your studio or spa.

Write informational articles about proper waxing prep, and feature them on your business’s website. Another option is to send all necessary information to your client with their appointment booking confirmation, to ensure that they’ll receive and read it!

Tell the truth, and build trust

If it’s a client’s very first waxing appointment, no good comes by telling them that it will be painless. Good relationships are all built on a foundation of trust, and that’s exactly how you should consider your relationships with clients. Advise them on what they can do to minimize discomfort, and create a welcoming, relaxing environment to calm their nerves.

Apply a cleanser

Every wax begins with a cleanse of the area of skin on your client that is going to be waxed. A perfect cleanse makes the experience quicker, and less painful for the client. Almost all waxes then call for a light layer of pre-wax oil or lotion.

These products help wax adhere to hairs, while also helping to prevent redness and irritation. Too much product, and you’ll make waxing more difficult for both you and your client.

Use proper waxing techniques for your clientwaxing tips for estheticians

We’re all taught about how to wax the right way in school, but mastering your technique takes time and experience. Different brands of wax all behave a little differently too, so switching brands may take some adjustment.

Another option to think about is taking a specific class to hone your technique. Many master estheticians offer training and guidance on specific waxing techniques, such as Kelly Michelle. For example, she offers a class solely focused on Brazilian waxing.

Hard wax or soft wax?

You likely already know the differences between hard wax and soft wax, but a little refresher doesn’t hurt! Use the right type depending on your client’s skin type, and part of their body that is being waxed.

Hard wax is best for facial waxing, bikini, Brazilian, and intimate areas. Soft wax is great for larger areas of skin like legs, the back and chest areas, and arms. The techniques for removal vary for both, with soft wax involving strips and hard wax requiring you to create a lip upon application for removal.

Quick removal for happy clients

Fast wax removal ensures a quick appointment. Pull too slow, and the hair won’t be removed from the root, or the wax may break. Of course, if your client is a bit reactionary, being speedy helps end their appointment as fast as possible. Make sure wax has properly set before removal to ensure the strip doesn’t pull apart, and you get an even pull.

Clean up, education, and aftercare

While you can’t control what your clients do after they leave your studio, you can make sure they don’t blame you for it. Take care of their skin, and give them the knowledge they need to make good choices for their skin. When they follow your advice, they ensure that their next wax is quick and easy.

Remove any leftover wax

Nobody enjoys leaving a waxing studio with residue on them. Not to mention that most wax is a difficult headache to get out of clothes. At worst, that wax residue is hiding a little bit of hair that you missed. If your client realized that you left a patch of hair, you may lose that client or receive a poor review.

Teach clients about what not to do after the appointment

One of the best things you can do for your clients is educate them. Warn them about all of the things they should be avoiding after they leave your studio. That means no tight clothing, sex, work outs, or beach trips. For these reasons, you’ll want to let your clients know these warnings ahead of time in case they were planning their wax for a special occasion.

Follow up with clients 2 to 3 days after their appointment to answer any questions they have, build rapport, and help to bring them back to you next time they’re looking for a waxing service.

Apply and offer aftercare products

What your client does after their wax is just as important as what they don’t! Send them off with a great post-wax lotion, and hopefully a few exfoliating and moisturizing products for their freshly waxed skin.

Staying on top of exfoliation is an important part of keeping ingrown hairs away. For those clients who deal with ingrown hairs a lot, you may want to recommend ItalWax’s Ingrown Hair Therapy.

Are you an esthetician considering a switch in wax brands, or are in need of any other waxing supplies? Bare Beauty Wax Supply carries everything you need for a successful wax studio! We take pride in providing products that are both cost effective, yet high quality for both you and your clients. We have spatulas, wax warmers, disinfectant, and of course, wax readily available.

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