ItalWax Full Body Wax

Hot film wax


ItalWax Full Body Wax is a hypoallergenic wax, containing synthetic resins that don't cause allergies or irritation. It is specially designed for sensitive skin. Efficiently and painlessly, it removes strong and even shaved before hairs, providing the best possible experience for your waxing clients!

With a conveniently low melting temperature at 104F, Italwax Full Body Wax has extra softness and plasticity and can be easily applied with a spatula on large surfaces regardless of the hair direction. It removes the thick and previously shaved hairs efficiently and painlessly from any area of the body. This full body wax is also hypoallergenic and does not contain components that can inflame allergies or cause irritation, so it's perfectly suited for sensitive skin.

Melting down to reveal a luxurious gold hue, it will certainly make a statement as it's applied, creating a truly decadent experience for your valued clients.

Simply put, if you're looking for a great full body wax to add to your esthetics table, look no further. This Full Body Wax is hypoallergenic, melts at low temps and is so easy to use. Pair it with other ItalWax products and your clients will want to book with you again and again.

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