What to Expect During an Arm Waxing Appointment

The good news is, there are plenty of folks who wax all sorts of areas of their bodies and hairy arms just so happen to be some of them. Let’s...

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We’re living in a world where we have access to find any information we want, whenever we need it. And still, the myths surrounding arm waxing in general continue to trickle down from the grandmas and great aunts who came before us.

Waxing truly comes down to personal preference. For some folks, a full body wax makes them feel most comfortable in their own skin. For others, being hairless sounds like a nightmare. The good news is, there are plenty of folks who wax all sorts of areas of their bodies and hairy arms just so happen to be some of them. Let’s break down what to expect from arm waxing.

The benefits and downsides to arm waxing

Esthetics is all about what makes you feel good. It isn’t about what your friends are up to or what your families opinions are. It’s about setting time aside to practice a little love and self care for your body, on your terms.

In the big picture of waxing, arm waxing is popular for a few reasons. Folks who exercise often, athletes and even people with tattoos find that waxed arms provide a better canvas to show off their skin.

Advantages of arm waxingwaxing an arm

Whether you’ve just given birth or you’re entering menopause, hormones can have a dramatic affect on our body hair. Vellus hair being thin and colorless, is often less irritating than terminal hair which is coarse, darker and longer.

While waxing arm hair is largely an aesthetic concern for the average person, for athletes it’s quite the opposite. Less body hair means less resistance and when you’re fighting to win down to the decimal, that extra nanosecond can make all the difference. Arm waxing is also a great way to get rid of dead skin cells and exfoliate.

Disadvantages to arm waxing

Of course, there are two sides to the coin. The truth is that waxing isn’t for everybody.

Waxing arm hair may lead to slightly more sensitive skin. Sun damage could also become an issue if you aren’t mindful of lathering up and shielding your skin from harmful rays. Over exfoliation is also a potential concern which would lead to skin irritation and be the culprit of mild pain.

Take stock of your skin history, needs and outcomes and discuss them at your initial appointment.

The process of arm waxing

If this is your first time getting waxed, have no fear. The process is simple and achievable. If you’re a waxing veteran, a little brush up on your facts won’t hurt.

Preparing for your wax appointment

Wax appointments can sometimes cause folks to feel a little anxious. But worry not, the prep prior to your appointment is nothing to be concerned about.

For your arm waxing appointment, you’ll simply want to make sure that you’ve cleansed the areas thoroughly. Make sure not to expose your skin to sun exposure that’s resulted in sunburn, or anything remotely related to pain. Exfoliate a day or two before your appointment, and you’re all set!

During the waxing session

This is the fun part. The moment you’ve been waiting for. There’s something so satisfying about feeling your smooth skin right after a fresh wax appointment, and we’re really excited for your first one.

Your esthetician will talk you through the process as they work from your shoulders down, spreading the wax along your hair growth to remove in the opposite direction. With a little pressure and rubbing, soothing the discomfort becomes a little easier and mild pain more manageable.

The aftercare process

We know that aftercare is key. So after your appointment, make sure you keep strong fragrances out of your routine, ditch the heavy products and exposure to any allergens. Like, don’t go on a hike in the spring right after you’ve reduced your pores to their most vulnerable state. Also be sure to refrain from sun exposure, heat or friction.

Best products for arm waxing

When it comes down to determine which wax best suits your needs, you’ll want to consider the application, removal and care process. Your esthetician can help you identify any modifications or needs you may have in your consultation.

ItalWax hard wax

Known for its high quality adhesion, ItalWax is an all encompassing, hard wax option in the arm hair removal department. It’s a one stop shop for even the most stubborn, coarse, terminal hairs.

WaxOne Total

WaxOne Total is a perfect hard and soft wax for those sensitive areas that may be prone to irritability. This stripless hard wax operates at a low temperature, suitable for sensitive skin and those who need a thinner application.

This wax is a great option for folks who may be prone to reactions as it is hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

Browse Bare Beauty Wax Supply’s inventory for high-quality, hypoallergenic waxes, and everything else you need for your waxing business. We feature a rewards program for estheticians who buy with us! On top of our already affordable products, you can save more over time by being a regular customer.

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