Beauty Business Savvy: Six Ways To Boost Your Bottom Line With Bare Beauty Wax Supply

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Beauty Business Savvy: Six Ways To Boost Your Bottom Line With Bare Beauty Wax Supply

If you own a salon, spa, or private practice for your professional waxing services, you've likely dedicated many hours to building your business by perfecting your skill set, and cultivating a loyal clientele.

That said, an often overlooked aspect to success as a service provider is knowing how to maximize your revenue potential every time you step in the treatment room. Luckily, that's where we come in!

At Bare Beauty Wax Supply, our goal is to be your one-stop wax shop. When it comes to supplies, we cater to businesses of every size and scale, and offer cost-friendly options for every budget. We also value education and love sharing insider industry tips with our customers.

So without further ado, let's discuss a few of our favorite money-saving strategies for professionals:

#1: Get Serious About Strategic Pricing

Setting appropriate prices for your hair removal services requires careful planning and consideration. While it may be tempting to offer the best deal in town, setting your prices too low, or offering too many discounts, can quickly begin to diminish the value of your specialized services and your profit margin.

To avoid this common pitfall, we recommend taking the time to really understand your target market. This includes researching similar businesses in your local area and positioning your pricing structure competitively. You will also want to analyze all overhead costs -- including room rent, supplies, equipment maintenance, and the time it takes to perform each service -- subtracting these expenses to determine your true take-home rate.

#2: Buy in Bulk Whenever Possible

If you're a small business, buying in bulk may seem unnecessary, but doing so can be a game changer for your bottom line. This is because the savings of purchasing wax and other waxing supplies in large quantities lowers your overhead cost per use, translating to a higher profit margin on each and every service you perform.

At Bare Beauty Wax Supply, we offer bulk discounts on best-selling brands like ItalWax, Dermwax, and WaxOne, making it easy to stock up on the essentials at a reduced rate. Here's a quick cost breakdown with some examples of how it works:

ItalWax Full Body Wax:

  • Buy one 2.2 lb. bag for $32 ($14.54 per pound)
  • Buy 10 bags for $288 ($28.80 per bag or $13.09 per pound)
  • Buy 100 bags for $2,816 ($28.16 per bag or $12.80 per pound)

Dermwax Hard Wax Beads:

  • Buy one 2 lb. bag for $29 ($14.50 per pound)
  • Buy 20lb for $250 ($25 per bag or $12.50 per pound)
  • Buy 60lbs for $695 ($23.10 per bag or $11.38 per pound)

WaxOne Hard Wax:

  • Buy one 2.2 lb. bag for $38 ($17.27 per pound)
  • Buy one 10 lb. bag for $139 ($13.90 per pound)
  • Buy 40lbs for $528 ($13.20 per pound)

As you can see, saving on your supplies really adds up quickly, making bulk buying a wise investment for any professional waxing business. It will also save you time and minimizes stress, since you never have to worry about running out of your go-to treatment room staples.

#3: Leverage Soft Wax Cartridges For Large Surface Areas

If your spa or salon business offers body waxing for areas like the legs, chest, or back, soft wax cartridges are another easy way to save on supplies and maximize your profit potential.

Roll-on cartridges by Black Coral Wax and ItalWax are not only budget-friendly, but also make speed waxing a snap, meaning you can offer shorter appointment time slots, perform additional treatments, and bring in more revenue on a day-to-day basis.

#4: Take Advantage of Payment Plans

Whether you're a new business owner with limited cash flow, or a seasoned professional looking to enjoy the benefits of bulk buying on a budget, utilizing payment plans just might be your best option for securing supplies in bulk.

Services like AfterPay allow you to purchase what you need up front and pay for your products in installments, over a longer period of time. At Bare Beauty Wax Supply, we offer payment plans to all of our professional partners, making bulk buying accessible to all.

#5: Don’t Forget About Rewards Programs and Perks

Did you know you can also save big on supplies by signing up for our loyalty program? It's true! As a thank you to our returning customers, Bare Beauty Wax Supply has an exclusive online rewards program, allowing you to accumulate credits every time you shop and save even more money on future purchases.

To learn more, be sure to create your professional account with us and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on any upcoming special promotions.

#6: Snag a Package Deal

For even more savings on waxing supplies and equipment, be sure to check out our package deals! In the Bare Beauty Wax Supply online shop, you'll find a variety of product bundles with everything you need to offer professional waxing and hair removal services.

From warmers, to wax beads, disposable spatulas, collars, and cleaner, all the must-haves are included, making supply shopping even easier and more affordable.

Bonus Tip: Stock Your Retail Shelves With Pre and Post-Care

If you've already mastered the art of bulk purchasing power and priced your services for maximum profitability, you may still have an opportunity to boost your bottom line with retail sales.

Selling products like ItalWax's Ingrown Hair Therapy or After Wax Lotion, can be an excellent way to enhance results for your clients, while also increasing the overall ticket price come checkout time. In other words, it's a win-win!

For everything your waxing business needs to succeed, trust Bare Beauty Wax Supply. Leave unhappy clients, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation behind! We offer a selection of quality waxes and reliable equipment so that all you can focus on the important part: your craft.  To view our selection, visit our shop online at our website!

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