Preparing Your Clients for a Brazilian Wax

Whether you’re an industry veteran or have your first client appointment tomorrow, preparing for a Brazilian wax appointment takes coordination. When you choose to foster a welcoming environment for all...

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As an esthetician, your long list of responsibilities go to depths beneath the Grand Canyon. Whether you’re an industry veteran or have your first client appointment tomorrow, preparing for a Brazilian wax appointment takes coordination. When you choose to foster a welcoming environment for all of your clients, you’re making an investment in your future books.

A little tenderness, love and care can make a world of difference between a couple of walk-ins versus consistent client retention. The goal? Your clients feel more comfortable in your chair than anywhere else.

An overview of Brazilian waxing

If we’re keeping it real, estheticians play the role of the advocate and instructor for proper skincare. Most notably, you are the listener and caretaker while clients are in your chair. When you cultivate an intentional habitat for the person sitting in front of you, your clients will begin to take notice.

What sets your service apart from other estheticians?

Build a relationship before the appointment

When you’re preparing for a Brazilian wax with your clients, there are a few things to consider.

Putting the relationship before the task means honoring the well-being of your clients. You may be overbooked and struggling with time management on a stressful day, but your first and most important focus should be taking care of your clients.

Slowing down to make sure you are set up for success helps your clients have a meaningful experience.

Talk that talk

While working with your client, consider having a few go-to’s for small talk to help ease any pain or discomfort. Your soothing words can support their ability to build the trust and confidence necessary for them to become a client of yours through the years to come. Make them feel at ease, and foster a welcoming atmosphere.brazilian waxing

Small talk doesn’t have to be insignificant. And, you may receive feedback that your conversations, no matter how small, made a positive impact on your service.

Preparing your studio space

Preparing for your wax clients Brazilian wax clients means utilizing effective and gentle products. Your clients deserve the best, and if you want to be taken seriously, using quality products that reflect the best is key. Keep an eye on where your inventory is running low. Having your supplies stocked prevents you from ending up in a sticky situation.

Your studio or spa should be well stocked and organized according to your needs. When you make your life easier, you do the same for your clients. You’ll want to go into great detail about your services, protocols and procedures. Arming your client with knowledge about your products can eliminate assumptions, create space for recurring appointments and is excellent client care and education.

Use high-quality waxing products

Make the most of your appointment by including aftercare products that your customers can use at their homes with ease. The best way to sell anything is to demonstrate its efficacy. Utilize some of your favorite products for your clients! It’s a great conversation starter and an opportunity to accommodate your clients needs and concerns.

The importance of communication

As humans, we love feeling connected and finding solace knowing that we’re in good hands. When those hands are yours, you can never be too mindful. Communication can make or break your appointments. There are particular moments throughout a waxing appointment where you want to be clear about your next steps.

Take your time during a Brazilian wax

Waxing, especially Brazilian waxing, can be a vulnerable moment for many people. While lots of folks get used to the process over time, your first impression on a first-timer can set the tone for their entire waxing experience. Let your clients know the placement of your hands, product and guide them through the experience. A little compassion goes a long way, and helping or your clients relax is one of the most rewarding parts of being an esthetician.

Listen to client feedback

And as you move through a Brazilian wax appointment, be intentional with your language and ask your client for feedback. For example, you can ask questions about how they are feeling, or if they need to take a moment before the next pull. Making your client feel at home in your chair can turn into word of mouth. Those solid testimonials are the lifeblood of your business, as it turns into reviews and a recommendation to others.

Aftercare for a Brazilian Wax

After you’ve completed your Brazilian wax appointment, sending your clients home with proper education about their skin care is crucial. Whether you do so through pamphlets, your website, an email or all three, guiding your client through the healing process is an important part of how they’ll view your service.

Offer skincare guidance

Offer your clients information about how to protect their skin, make the most of their waxing experience and what to look out for. Post-waxing education is just as important as the experience itself.

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