How to Create a Welcoming Waxing Space for Clients

Setting up your waxing space to create a welcoming environment for your clients is an underlooked part of the studio building process. Let’s dive into some tips that will have...

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How to Create a Welcoming Waxing Space for Clients

The “setting” is everything. The first thing you notice when you walk into a room is the way the light hits your eyes and the intoxicating aroma of a thieves oil. You might take note that the space feels small and cramped, or vast and open. Setting up your waxing space to create a welcoming environment for your clients is an underlooked part of the process. Let’s dive into some tips that will have your clients craving the calming ambiance of your waxing space.

How to design your waxing space

In order to design the perfect space, you need to consider your audience. Who are your clients? What types of services are they coming in for? Identifying your audience helps you dial in the temperature of the culture in the city you live in. A blend of your interests and investment in your community can make for a warm intersection of likeness; it can even help you draw inspiration.

Envision your dream space

There are plenty of ways to envision your dream space. You can use whatever medium feels most comfortable and easy to use. For some, sketching is their go-to. For others, a mood board like Pinterest or even a collage can help foster the creative process as you choose what elements to incorporate into your design. Seeing is believing, so pushing yourself to truly visualize your future space provides the building blocks of context.

Why you need to invest in creating a unique space

The truth is, there are one million carbon copies of aesthetic spaces that look like they were cut and pasted from The Container Store magazine. And as much as we love that, diversifying your space can leave you feeling refreshed while breathing new life into your clients as they enter and become acquainted with your studio.

Your studio space as an extension of your business values

In the same way that your wardrobe exudes a sense of self, your studio space does too. Think of your studio space the way you think about your closet. Chock-full of an array of moods, flexibility, and a little pop of the quintessential “you”.

Share your unique perspective with the waxing industry

Your talent is unique in that there’s no one who brings what you do to the table. They may have had the same education, and offer the same services, but they’re not you. We bring an air of our human experience, personality, and warmth to our passion. And your incredible nature as an esthetician should be enhanced by a unique space that matches your energy. Our spaces are an extension of ourselves. Designing a space in your own reflection will help inspire the storyteller within, offering something special.

Use visuals to reinforce your aesthetic

There’s nothing like the clean slate of bare walls. If you can envision your favorite color palettes and textures, you can bring them to life through the art of design. Visuals help reinforce your aesthetic, creating a sense of continuity, much like your branding. When you utilize visuals, you bring an air of stimulation and abstract thought to a room.

A clean, professional space entices clients to returnwaxing space

Do you know the feeling you get when you enter a public restroom that’s spotless, well thought out, and smells amazing? That level of professional intentionality is not lost on customers, especially when other estheticians may be overlooking it. Present a space like a restroom with careful consideration and amenities like aromatherapy lotions or to-go mints to really make your business stand out.

The importance of high-quality waxing products in your studio

The products you choose to carry in your waxing studio reflect knowledge and concern for your client's wellbeing. Make an investment in the products that your clients use every day. Choosing grade A waxing products are an investment that continues to give. 

Provide the best experience for your clients

Your clients seek your services for many reasons. They know your studio’s reputation, and they will return for the exceptional work you provide. But great work combined with an unforgettable experience creates a working relationship that will last a lifetime.

Have quality products to reflect the investment in your space

In order to establish that working relationship with your clients, you must begin to build trust with them. They need favorable outcomes. And you can achieve this by using fantastic waxes, such as WaxOne, Black Coral Wax, or the Harley Waxing line of products.  

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