Ear Hair Removal: Your Waxing Guide

We’ve all been there. The slight itch and irritation. The pure annoyance of an uncomfortable tingle in your ear. Ear hair removal is on the rise, and it’s answer behind...

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Ear Hair Removal: Your Waxing Guide

We’ve all been there. The slight itch and irritation. The pure annoyance of an uncomfortable tingle in your ear. Ear hair removal is on the rise, and it’s answer behind the “why” is obvious. Ear hair exists on every single set of ears, regardless of the quantity.

In fact, hair covers the majority of our bodies, outside of our lips, palms and soles of our feet. 

All about ear hair

Excessive ear hair can be uncomfortable, but our body hair, just like our skin, protects us from the outside world. So even if it feels a little unfavorable, it does serve a great purpose. For some people, especially those with varying testosterone levels, excessive hair growth is possible. And in these cases, thinning or removing the hair entirely may feel best.

What is the purpose of ear hair?ear hair removal

Our bodies do amazing things for us every single day. They carry us up hills, help us embrace our loved ones and There are plenty of questions related to bodily functions and the purposes they serve. 

The hair within your ear collaborates with your earwax and creates an important barrier that keeps dirt and debris at bay, protecting your eardrum in the process. Ear wax can become a pesky part of your ear hair care, and keeping your ear canal free of wax buildup can prevent impacted wax from becoming an issue.

What factors cause excessive ear hair growth?

One of the most amazing things about our bodies is that they are all so very unique. Each finger print, curl pattern and eye color are singularities. There’s not one duplicate of us. And with that broad range of genetics, chromosomes and chemistry, some bodies have a little more or less in a specific department than others. Testosterone levels are a great example.

Your options for ear hair removal

Thanks to the ever evolving sphere of modern technology, your options for hair removal are dynamic and abundant. Depending on your personal preferences, there are non-invasive, pluck heavy and buzzworthy options to choose from. 

Most of these options don’t pull your hair right from the hair follicle, which is an integral part of hair removal in general.

Using an electric razor to trim

When you pick up a pair of hair trimmers, you are instantly transported in time to your mothers kitchen. You’re sitting on the barstool, towel draped over your neck, while mom proceeds to give you an uneven cut for the new school year (which starts tomorrow). Electric razors can get the job done, but they're a bit on the dated side.

Pluck and tweeze, one by one

We’ve gone above and beyond to avoid having hair on our bodies. So much so that plucking individual hairs out one by one was agreed-upon as an effective method to eyebrow shaping. If plucking your ear hair sounds like a nightmare to you, we’re right there with you. 

Laser hair removal

Hollywood’s affluence and influence on seemingly everything has led to a common misnomer that laser hair removal is the only way out. Of what? We’re not quite sure. But laser hair removal has been portrayed as the ultimate dream for the better part of two decades. For some reason, as it has become more accessible, it maintains its status as the one true hair removal method, but we’ve seen better progress in other applications.

Hair removal creams

The 80s and 90s started some of the best (and worst) fashion trends across the world. But it also decided that hair removal creams like Nair should be commonplace. We’ve moved beyond the days of chemically burning our body hair off, and we can leave that practice in the past thanks to modern wax specialists.

Waxing from a licensed esthetician

When you begin your ear hair removal journey, you might feel a little uncertain about what it will entail. This is one of many reasons why getting waxed from a licensed esthetician is so important. To be coached through the process by an educated professional means zero risk for accidental, self inflicted harm.

The best waxes for ear hair removal stocked Bare Beauty Wax Supply

There are endless wax supply businesses to choose from. But only if you are able to pull off affluent products from high-quality, proven brands will your clients continue coming back for more.

Black Coral Wax hard waxes

Every once in a while, a special product finds its way to the surface from the depths of the earth. And this time, it comes from the beautiful black sands of Pohoiki Black Sand Beach in Kapalama on the big island of Hawaii. This wax, formulated with the finest raisins, delivers smooth, silky skin and is a great option for all skin types but especially those with sensitive skin.

ItalWax hard wax

Coming in high on the favorites list, hard wax by ItalWax hard wax has a slew of benefits, making it the perfect option for a dynamic range of estheticians and wax studios. ItalWax melts at a lower temperature than a standard wax. Leaving exactly zero broken hairs behind, this economical hot wax alternative stairs in one piece one being removed from the skin.

Shop WaxOne, ItalWax and Black Coral hard wax at Bare Beauty Wax Supply

There’s a subtle difference between the grade of waxes that get the job done and leave your skin looking and feeling flawless. Shop quality hair removal, warmers and more at Bare Beauty Wax Supply. We can’t wait to welcome you and redefine your wax experience.

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