Why Your Studio Needs to Offer a Full Body Wax

Does your studio or spa offer full body waxing? Best saved for experienced and long-time waxing clients who usually book multiple appointments, full body waxing is a way to remove...

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Does your studio or spa offer full body waxing? Best saved for experienced and long-time waxing clients who usually book multiple appointments, full body waxing is a way to remove just about all their body hair in one go. If you’re an esthetician looking to start offering full body waxing due to interest from one or more of your clients, read on for tips on how to offer the best wax experience.

What is full body waxing?

As the name suggests, when a client requests a full body wax, they’re looking to book an appointment that covers a majority or all of their body. It is uncommon for a first-time client to know or request a service such as this, and it’s recommended that newcomers start with a simple bikini or Brazilian wax to get an understanding of what to expect from waxing.

Why someone would want a full body wax

If you find that some of your clients are coming in multiple times a month for different waxing appointments, they may want to switch to a full body waxing session. Now, full body waxing doesn’t necessarily mean that all clients want every single part of their body waxed. For example, some clients want to keep hair on their arms, others will skip out on any facial waxing, and so on.

How much does full body wax cost?

Most times, you should price your full body waxing appointments customized based on the client. Generally, you can expect a full body waxing session to cost somewhere between $200-$350, depending on what is included. It’ll take about 45 minutes to an hour for the appointment.full body waxing

What does a full body wax include?

For the most dedicated waxing clients out there, full body waxing includes everything from legs and arms, underarms, a Brazilian, back, and some parts of your face. Anywhere that hair grows will be found and removed!

Benefits of a full body wax

There are upsides for both you and your clients when you offer this service. Consider offering a slight discount to clients who book a full body waxing appointment, because they’ll save you some time and the trouble of having to book several appointments.

Save time on multiple appointments

Both you and your client save some time by having one appointment a month instead of several. For clients, they save time on not just the appointments themselves, but on transportation as well! You only have to set up once for a particular client, and are able to book more appointments within a month.

Uniform hair removal and regrowth

Another benefit for clients is the silky smooth feeling they’ll get all over once the session concludes. After a few sessions, all of the hair will be on the same growth schedule and you’ll notice that the hair that grows back takes longer, and is thinner.

Prep and what to expect from your appointment

A full body wax is similar in preparation and aftercare to other waxing services, but takes much longer and will leave you more sensitive afterward. Because of this, it’s vitally important that you take the time to prepare, and take time to recuperate post-wax.

Exfoliate prior to your wax

A day or two before the day of your appointment, advise your clients to exfoliate everywhere that they expect to be waxed. Exfoliation has a wide range of benefits, but it’s important for making the session quick and minimally painful. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells, reduces the chance of dry patches and breakouts, and allows wax to adhere better to hairs.

Preparing on the day of your appointment

Since this session lasts almost twice as long as some other waxing sessions, tell clients about the benefits of taking a non-aspirin painkiller such as ibuprofen or Advil an hour before the appointment. Additionally, avoid caffeine and alcohol on the day of as they can increase skin sensitivity or anxiety about the wax.

Proper aftercare steps and what to avoid

For 24 to 48 hours after your full body wax, skin will be slightly irritated and red. Your esthetician will advise products to prevent ingrown hairs and nourish your skin. Avoid swimming, working out, prolonged sun exposure or tanning, and intimacy during this time. You can resume exfoliation about 3 days after your wax. Plan sessions ahead of time with these aftercare steps in mind!

Advantages to waxing

Compared to other hair removal methods like shaving, waxing has a wealth of benefits. For those who are interested in making the switch, look up some well-reviewed, reputable estheticians in your area who provide waxing services.

If your studio or spa offers waxing services, check out Bare Beauty Wax Supply’s inventory of supplies. For estheticians just starting out in their business, or long-time studio owners with multiple locations, Bare Beauty Wax Supply has everything you need to provide the highest quality service to your clients.

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