How to Successfully Grow Your Esthetics Business

Picture the morning of you opening your doors to the public, ready to take on new clients and dive into the esthetician world on your terms. Launching a successful esthetics...

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Picture the morning of you opening your doors to the public, ready to take on new clients and dive into the esthetician world on your terms. Launching a successful esthetics business is one thing, and growing it it’s another. Businesses do not evolve on their own. It requires support, a solid brand identity and the will to succeed.

Provide the best service and experience possible to your clients

Esthetician tips aside, every successful business focuses on customer engagement and relationships first. When you put the relationship before the task, you exude a level of support and consideration for your future clients that is both recognized and appreciated throughout the market.

Centering customer service shows your future and current clients that you take pride in your work. You’ve made a commitment to excellence and to prioritizing the experience of your customers over their dime.

Be attentive to individual needs

The incredible thing about the esthetics industry is that you will be serving folks of all abilities, identities and needs. Paying attention to those with a need for accommodation or accessibility support only strengthens your mission of taking care of your clients.

Maybe you’re working with a client who is in the process of recovering from chemotherapy. Or maybe you’re working with someone going through a transition. Regardless, being intentional about your care and concern can make a world of difference in one of your clients lives. That translates to a long-term client that spreads the good word about your service.

Foster a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere

The environment that your clients enter to receive services from you is an essential part of the experience. As a licensed esthetician, it is your job to create an encouraging, welcoming and relaxing environment.

Remember, your business is the place that people go to find reprieve and to take a few minutes from their busy lives to indulge in a little self care. The more energy you put into making sure your clients are happy and comfortable, the bigger the return on your investment.

Thoroughly explain services and answer client questions

Create opportunities for your clients to ask questions, process and identify concerns. When you’re doing anything for the first time, it’s important to feel empowered to seek advice or guidance. By taking the time to explain your services step-by-step to your clients, you help them build confidence and empower them to ask for what they need.

Hold your staff accountable, always be professional

We know that being a business owner is a challenge that so many never anticipate. Helping your team means leading by example and setting the bar high so that your staff’s standards follow suit.

Deal with conflict amicably

It’s human nature to approach conflict and resolution at any or every corner. The way that we choose to navigate that conflict speaks volumes about where we are. But utilizing tools like active listening, nonviolent communication and solutions focused ideas means we can offer integral feedback and address our areas for growth along the way. Navigating conflict with your staff can be incredibly approachable if you remember that not everything has to be a confrontation, but rather, a conversation.

Ensure all staff uphold the same standard

Boundaries are essential. Establishing a set of expectations and standard operating procedures gives your staff the same foundation to build upon. No special circumstances, no favorites. Your staff exist to provide excellent service to their customers and the best way you can support that effort is by helping them meet, maintain and exceed the standard.

Use high-quality products and supplies for your business

Social media has its own algorithm that tries to sell us all sorts of luxuries that aren’t quite what they’re advertised. When you invest in high-quality products and supplies for your business, you make a long-term commitment to honoring your clientele and setting your staff up to succeed. When they win, you win.

The benefit of high-quality wax supplieswaxone products

High-quality products and supplies have a long lifespan. Not only will your clients appreciate the care and consideration put in for their dollar, but you’ll have a lifetime of tools and a team full of professionals who know how to use them.

Shop Bare Beauty Wax Supply’s inventory

Building out your esthetics business is no small task. There are so many unknowns, but there are a few things that you know for certain. If creating an impactful brand identity and offering customer service that blows your competitors out of the water is the second step, having products to put in your clients hands comes first. If you’re ready to stock your shelves with high-grade waxing supplies and skincare products, take a look at our products today.

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