How Long Does Waxing Last?

One of the most common questions for new clients after their first waxing appointment is: how long will waxing results last? Honestly, this depends on several factors, and only some...

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how long does waxing last

One of the most common questions for new clients after their first waxing appointment is: how long will waxing results last? Honestly, this depends on several factors, and only some of those factors are controllable.

Generally speaking, the results after waxing lasts anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. We’re going to go over all the things that influence that time, and things you can do to get your skin to be smooth for as long as possible.

Factors to consider with how long waxing lasts

Many aspects of the waxing process affect how long waxing lasts. Overall, going to regular, monthly waxing sessions administered by a professional esthetician will lead to best results.

The area of your body being waxed

One of the biggest things to think about is the area of you body that you’re waxing. For example, the hair on your legs is much sparser compared to your underarms or bikini line. Coarser and darker hair has a tendency to grow back quicker than thinner, lighter hair.

DIY waxing vs. professional waxing

The goal of perfect waxing is to remove hair from the root. Experienced estheticians go through months of training to practice their application and removal techniques, and then wax client after client for years to perfect their craft. No matter how many YouTube videos or TikToks you watch, you simply won’t be able to match the ability of a professional.

An amateur wax does not last as long due to wax breaking and hair not being pulled from the root. Additionally, it’ll hurt more without preparation, and you run the risk of infection without a sterile environment and post-wax lotion.

How many times have you waxed?

Hair grows in several different stages. Even if you do everything else perfectly, your waxing results won’t be as good compared to someone who has been waxing every month for 6 months. It takes at least 3 or 4 waxing sessions to get all your hair in one body area on the same growth schedule.

Comparing waxing to other hair removal methods

Of course, waxing isn’t the only hair removal method that exists. It is, however, one of the longest lasting within its price range. It obviously doesn't last as long as something like lasering, but that’s a much more intensive and costly process.

Waxing vs. shaving

Take a look at our blog article for a more detailed comparison between waxing vs shaving. The quick overview is that shaving is cheaper and quicker, but you have to do it every single day to keep smooth skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

Waxing vs. sugaring

As far as lasting results go, waxing and sugaring are pretty comparable. Since both pull hair from the root, both last somewhere between 2 to 4 weeks. It takes about the same amount of time to perform, too.

Waxing vs. epilators

Another option available to you is buying an epilator for use at home. As long as you don’t accidentally cut the hair, results should last as long as waxing or sugaring. Unfortunately, cheap epilators have a tendency not to efficiently grasp and pull hair as designed.

Hair growth after waxing

After the waxing session is over, there are other things that influence how long your skin stays smooth. Follow your esthetician’s product and aftercare advice for best results.

What are the parts of the hair growth cycle?

The hair growth cycle can be broken down into three main stages. The first stage, anagen, is the best for waxing. This stage is when a new hair grows from the root, and is still attached to the blood supply. It offers the longest lasting hairless skin.

bikini wax

In the catagen stage, root and hair are separated underneath the skin. These hairs are easily waxed, but will grow back quicker than expected because the root won’t be pulled. Finally, we have the telogen stage. This is the resting stage of the hair and follicle before a new anagen hair breaks through the surface of your skin. As you get your hair all on the same cycle through regular waxing appointments, you’ll notice hair grow back sparser and slower.

Other things that affect hair growth

Everything from the season to your genetics has an effect on your rate of hair growth. Studies have shown that even levels of estrogen in the body have an effect on how quickly hair regrows! Exfoliate a couple days after your appointment, and regularly thereafter to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.

When to book your next appointment

If it’s your first waxing appointment, your esthetician lets you know when to rebook to keep skin smooth and hairless. Regardless, you need your hair to grow back to a proper length to be waxed again. A safe bet is going for a wax once a month.

For estheticians seeking products that help with hair growth after waxing, browse Bare Beauty Wax Supply! We stock everything that a successful esthetics business needs to thrive and produce wonderful results for their clients.

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