How to Even Out Skin Tone

There’s not a single person on earth with perfect skin. Uneven skin tone affects even the most “ideal” skin type. From acne scars to dead skin cells, there’s a myriad of triggers...

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How to Even Out Skin Tone

Our skin has a full-time job, protecting our face 24/7. No breaks, no holidays. And if we neglect it, it will let us know by developing signals in the form of uneven skin tone, dark circles, sun spots, and more. As an esthetician, you work hard to provide excellent products, services, and care to your clients.

What causes uneven skin tone?

There’s not a single person on earth with perfect skin. Uneven skin tone affects even the most “ideal” skin type. From acne scars to dead skin cells, there’s a myriad of triggers that create a challenge to even out texture and create smooth skin. 


We tend to view aging as a curse, as if it's the worst part of being human, especially in the esthetics industry. We're constantly rushing to cover up the grays and reclaim our youth. But the truth is, youth is a state of being, and aging is a gift. It signals the evolution of a family and it carries the wisdom that you've learned through trials and tribulations. 

As we age, our skin begins to change. While it's perfectly natural for our skin to become thinner, paler, and in some cases, a little more transparent, it's also perfectly natural to want to even out your skin tone, maintain your current skin texture, and protect your skin from further damage. 

Sun damagehow to even skin tone

Sun damage goes far beyond giving our faces sunburn and tough skin later in life. Harmful UV rays can cause uneven increases in melanin production, leading to a domino effect of hyperpigmentation, or even lack thereof in certain areas. Sun damage also causes small blood vessels to stretch, causing a mottled appearance.

Your skin type

The beautiful thing about faces is that there are so many types, painted with freckles, dimples, and beautiful smiles. Your skin type is completely unique to you. And with that comes a slew of variables, like your genetics and environment.

Steps you can take to reduce uneven skin tone for your clients

Our clients are forever searching for the secret treatment for uneven skin tone. As if, out of thin air, there’s a perfect equation that will solve the puzzle. As estheticians, we know how tricky it is to find the right combination of skincare regimens that support the biological variance in sebum, oil production, and drying of the skin. 

Exfoliate regularly (and wax!)

Exfoliation and waxing go hand in hand. Preparing your client's skin for waxing is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of exfoliation. Without it, you’re actively committing to  products working below their true optimal performance.

Add a treatment serum to your skincare routine

If your clients aren't familiar with serums, now is the time to introduce them! Serums are an essential part of building a comprehensive skincare routine. They’ve found their place nestled between cleansing the face and moisturizing, where they do their best work.

If uneven skin tone is under your eye, use eye serum

The eyes are such a delicate, sensitive area of our facial skin. But the skin underneath and on top of the eye can handle serums. They welcome the extra hydration and can always use an extra layer of protection.

Consider a brightening moisturizer

Moisturizers are so diverse, offering everything from AHA to vitamin C boosts. Encouraging your clients to add a brightening moisturizer to their routine can help foster consistent skin tone evening, especially since moisturizing is an everyday activity.

See a licensed esthetician for an in-office facial treatment

The best and most effective thing your clients can do is see an esthetician for an in-office treatment. While some skin tone evening concerns can be maintained at home, seeing a licensed esthetician affords your clients the opportunity to try a series of professional treatments to amplify the results of their at-home routine.

Use a face oil for discoloration

In tandem with your skincare routine, using face oils to support a more even skin color is a great opportunity to layer up and provide a little extra nourishment to your face. Face oils like rosehip seed oil, argan oil, and vitamin E also work well to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Always wear your SPF!

We can’t stress SPF enough. Even if there was a neon sign hanging over your head that said, “don’t forget your sunscreen!” your clients would still struggle with remembering. We’re human, and even estheticians will rush through getting ready some days, forgetting to apply their SPF. SPF is the single most important thing you can apply to your skin each day to combat the damaging, aging effects of UV rays.

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