How Ingrown Hair Serum Helps Eliminate Pesky Ingrown Hairs

A great part of being an esthetician is being able to address our client’s skin concerns and allowing them to embrace their inner beauty and confidence. Ingrown hair serums are...

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ingrown hairs

Nobody likes dealing with ingrown hairs. Except, of course, estheticians! A great part of being an esthetician is being able to address our client’s skin concerns and allowing them to embrace their inner beauty and confidence. Ingrown hair serums are products that allow us to remove one of the most annoying side effects of hair removal.ingrown leg hair

What are ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hair occurs after shaving, tweezing, waxing, and other types of hair removal. Rather than growing properly, an ingrown hair grows back into your skin. They’re painful, annoying, and are a downright menace right when your clients think they removed everything unwanted from their skin (the hair).

What causes ingrown hairs?

While unfortunate, almost everyone deals with ingrown hairs to some degree. Any time you use any hair removal process, there’s a chance of getting an ingrown hair. That being said, some people are more susceptible to them than others. An ingrown hair is simply a hair that fails to break through the top layer of your skin, and instead grows into the skin.

What symptoms are associated with ingrown hair?

Annoyingly, some side effects from ingrown hairs are redness and irritation where the hair is trying to grow. Ingrown hairs create little raised bumps, sometimes filled with pus. They look very similar to small pimples on some skin. They usually hurt a bit, and sometimes cause hyperpigmentation on skin. All in all, ingrown hairs are uncomfortable and avoided, if you can help it.

Who is more susceptible to ingrown hair?

The more often you remove hair without a proper technique, the more likely it is for you to deal with ingrown hairs. Shaving is the method of removing hair that results in the most hairs. Additionally, the curlier your hair is, the more common it is for ingrown hair to appear.

How does ingrown hair serum help?

Thankfully, there are solutions to deal with your ingrown hair issues. One great start includes using a method other than shaving to remove hair. You can’t say waxing alone completely stops ingrown hair, because it doesn’t. It does, though, set up your clients for the exfoliation and product use that is needed to properly deal with their skin issues.

What are ingrown hair serums made out of?

There are plenty of ingrown hair serums out there on the market. Most include some type of ingredient that actually slows down hair growth. Other ingredients featured are tea tree oils and vitamins to prevent redness and swelling. Some also have antiseptic ingredients to stop bacteria from getting into pores.

How often should you apply serums for the best results?

It is recommended to use ingrown hair serums twice a day onto areas that currently have ingrown hairs. After your client sees noticeable improvement of the area, they can reduce usage to just once a day. On the other hand, your client might not have any ingrown hairs yet and wants to use the product for prevention. In this case, you want to recommend daily usage after hair removal for seven to ten days.

When is the best time to use ingrown hair serum?

Optimally, your clients use these products directly after a hair removal appointment. Once you fully clean the waxed area of any residual wax, hair, etc, the ingrown hair serum should be applied. While this is ideal, it might not be the same for all of your clients. You should definitely recommend a product for them to take home and incorporate into their skincare routine. Clients that shave other parts of their body that you don’t cover during a waxing session ought to take some home, as well.

What is the best serum you can buy?

There are plenty of high-quality ingrown hair products available. At Bare Beauty Wax Supply, we pride ourselves on providing waxing supplies that are both quality and cost-effective. Your clients can kiss their ingrown hairs goodbye after using these products!

ItalWax Ingrown Hair Therapy: Concentrated Lotion

First up, we have the ItalWax Concentrated Lotion. This product works best on large areas of skin such as arms and legs. Make sure that the skin is both clean and dry before application. The special formulation of this lotion both eliminates ingrown hairs, prevents future hairs from appearing, and slows down overall hair growth.

ItalWax Ingrown Hair Therapy: Paste

The ItalWax Active Paste is incredibly similar to the Concentrated Lotion, but is meant for use on different areas of the skin. Instead of large areas of the body, Active Paste is meant for more intimate and sensitive areas. Advise your clients to use this product on their underarms and bikini area.

All of the waxing supplies your studio could ever need can be found at Bare Beauty Wax Supply. From wax warmers to disinfectant spray, we’ve got all professional estheticians and hair removal specialists covered. Repeat customers have access to a generous rewards program for discounts on future purchases. Check out what Bare Beauty Wax Supply can do for your studio!

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