ItalWax Full Body Wax: Does It Have a Place in Your Studio?

Highly respected by professional estheticians worldwide, the ItalWax has a full product line for any waxing session. The ItalWax Full Body Wax is no different! This hard wax provides the...

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italwax full body wax

Highly respected by professional estheticians worldwide, the ItalWax has a full product line for any waxing session. The ItalWax Full Body Wax is no different! This hard wax provides the high quality you expect in ItalWax products, but specifically designed to be their most luxurious client experience.

Why should your studio use ItalWax?

As a manufacturer of a wide variety of waxing products, ItalWax is a perfect choice for any esthetician’s studio. The product line has quickly gained popularity among veteran estheticians due to the nature of their wax, and the multitude of benefits for both studio owners and their clients.

Special formula for depilation

Depilation simply relates to the process of removing hair above the skin. ItalWax’s specific formula is made to be the new generation of stripless, hard wax. Each of the products offered are tailored for efficiency and comfort. Their hard waxes only stick to the hair you want to remove, and not your client’s skin.

Highest standards, highest quality wax products

ItalWax is made by Filo Bianco in order to create their formulas and make the highest quality waxing products. All of their products are laboratory tested, and supervised by highly trained and qualified industry specialists.

ItalWax is directly imported from Italy, and is an industry leader in innovative film wax. Their factory is fitted with the top of the line German and Italian equipment for wax production. The processes keep natural and organic raw materials intact during the production process.

Superior film wax

Unlike some other types of wax, ItalWax takes advantage of the benefits from film wax. Film wax has a very low melting temperature, and requires less application to the treated area compared to traditional hard wax. Regardless of length, coarseness, or growth direction of your client’s hair, film wax will remove all hairs. Additionally, film wax won’t break during wax removal.

The benefits of ItalWax Full Body Wax

Along with the industry leading benefits from ItalWax’s other products, the Full Body Wax offers a little something extra for those interested in it. It’s slightly more expensive than the other hard wax ItalWax manufactures, but is absolutely worth the price.

Perfect hard wax formula

The formula for Full Body Wax has extra softness and plasticity. This makes it extra easy to apply, economical in the amount of wax you use on each client, and is wonderful for both large and small surface areas. The formula includes all of the other benefits previously mentioned about ItalWax.

The ideal client experience

Like other ItalWax products, Full Body Wax is completely hypoallergenic. Clients experience minimal discomfort, no reaction to any allergies they may have, and no irritation after their appointment. Even thick body hairs are easily removed without damaging the skin with this fantastic hard wax.

Luxurious and decadent hue

Last but not least, the golden color leaves clients feeling pampered in luxury. It truly makes a statement as it’s applied to your client’s skin, and provides an experience they won’t soon forget. Expect them to return to you time and time again after this unique and decadent experience.

Reviews of ItalWax Full Body Wax from licensed estheticians

Don’t just believe what we have to say about the great benefits Full Body Wax has to offer your waxing clients. Licensed estheticians with years of experience have tried it out for themselves, and told us what they thought! These reviews are from verified studio owners and licensed estheticians from all over the country.

In love from first use

“I’ve been an esthetician for 6 years and my jaw actually dropped when I pulled the first strip of this wax off. I was so shocked at how it pulled almost every single hair. All my more difficult clients are a breeze now, no more broken hairs, no more irritated skin. Minimal touch ups. The clients also comment how it’s way less painful and were so impressed with even the first wax! I am obsessed with this wax and will ALWAYS be using it now that I’ve found it.”

-Shai S.

Premier ItalWax product

“Hands down this is the best wax brand I have ever used. Have used several different types of ItalWax and this is the best hypoallergenic one and gets on smooth. I love it!”


Even clients notice a difference!

“Immediately my clients commented on how smooth the wax application felt. Compared to other wax brands I had previously used, this has been the perfect wax for everyone. Clients with difficult peach fuzz are no longer a challenge. Those who come in more frequently do not experience sensitivity and are amazed how easily tiny hairs are easily removed.”


Bare Beauty Wax Supply is the esthetician’s waxing supplier of choice. All of our products are carefully selected with care and thought about your business. We aim to offer the best selection in both quality and cost-effectiveness for your waxing studio. There are a bunch of benefits to being our repeat customer, so look at our entire catalog!

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