A Guide to Male Brazilian, or Manzilian Waxing

Making sure your business knows how to properly address and execute a male brazilian wax is crucial when it comes to setting the standard within the beauty industry. Many estheticians...

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A Guide to Male Brazilian, or Manzilian Waxing

Making sure your business knows how to properly address and execute a male brazilian wax is crucial when it comes to setting the standard within the beauty industry. Many estheticians skip out on providing this service, but there are a ton of potential clients out there! Here at Bare Beauty Wax Supply we care about our customers and their clients, so we've cultivated a quick reference guide to understanding the manzilian process.

An overview of the male brazilian wax

When breaking down a male brazilian wax, we can find an easy parallel of the process by comparing it to a full brazilian wax on female clients. Similar to the female version, the male version of a brazilian wax includes complete pubic hair removal of the pubic mound, genitalia, upper thighs, and butt crack. 

What's included in a male brazilian vs male bikini wax

While a manzilian can be confused with the male bikini wax process, the male brazilian removes all hair from the groin region – even between the buttocks. The male bikini wax on the other hand leaves most of the hair untouched, but similarly to a women's bikini wax, its primary use is to clean up the groin area.

The benefits of offering male brazilian services

For a long time waxing has been conceived as gender specific. The truth is, offering a service to men that allows them to groom themselves freely without judgment is crucial for furthering the business and stifling negative stigma. Offering a male brazilian can also allow men to feel just as confident and sure of themselves with their body. Creating these body positive environments is one of the most important reasons to offer a male Brazilian service. 

Common misconceptions about male waxing

Oftentimes your clients may come in with the perception that only men with excessive hair can or should get waxed – this is not true. Waxing is for everyone regardless of skin type, hair density, age, or gender. Additionally, there’s the idea that waxing is only for special occasions – this is also not the case. Just like we get haircuts regularly, the rest of your hair should be treated with the same respect and self-care.

What you need to know about providing male brazilian waxingmal brazilian wax

Even though a brazilian wax is still just a waxing service, due to the sensitivity to the area there are some additional things you need to know and keep in mind when providing a manzilian. Let’s walk you through some pointers on the way to success. 

Proper male brazilian wax etiquette

Waxing “down there” can be embarrassing for a lot of your clients – especially if it’s their first time. To ensure that the wax goes smoothly and to ensure that your clients feel safe, it is crucial to implement proper etiquette. 

Proper etiquette means respecting your clients timidness while also being confident, answering any questions or concerns they may have prior to beginning the process, and laying out a step by step play through of what to expect during their session. Everyone does things differently, but setting clear, yet welcoming standards for the wax sets you and your client up for success. 

How to wax male genitalia

Once the client has arrived, all information has been reiterated, and their hair growth has reached at least a quarter inch: ask them to disrobe and cleanse the area with a wipe. Yes, even if they showered prior to arrival. 

Have the client lay on the table with their feet firmly planted and their legs extended in the butterfly position. Making sure that you have access to all areas comfortably is crucial. When applying the wax, ensure the wax is applied in the direction of hair growth and then removed in the opposite direction. While it is preference oriented, it is suggested to start from the back and work your way forward – then work from the inside outward. Use something like WaxOne’s Post-Wax Lotion to soothe and moisturize freshly waxed skin!

Aftercare for male brazilian waxing

Advise your clients of the importance of exfoliation post wax (to remove any remaining dead skin cells) and suggest some products to help moisturize and prevent ingrown hairs. It is also important to express the need for loose fitting clothing to not only ensure comfort but proper healing during their post wax care.

Other frequently asked questions about manzilian waxing 

If you’re wanting to create a quick reference guide to help educate your clients at your waxing salon, find some of the most frequently asked questions below: 

How long does male Brazilian waxing take?

The time will obviously be based on the skillset of the esthetician; however, the waxing process can take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes. 

How painful is a manzilian wax?

Pain is subjective to each individual client; however, we are dealing with the most sensitive region of the body. It is important to inform clients with a track record of low pain tolerance that there are options available such as numbing creams and pain relievers that can be applied or taken before the waxing session. This process will almost never be pain free – there will be some pain and tenderness post-wax. 

What is the best wax to use for male Brazilians?

The type of wax used (hard or soft wax) depends on the esthetician and their skillset; however, we strongly recommend using a hard wax on the sensitive skin areas since it will not bind with your clients skin. 

Provide your clients the highest quality waxing supplies with Bare Beauty Wax Supply

Bare Beauty Wax Supply cares about you and your profession. We want you and your clients to feel the best that they can about the entire wax experience! That means ensuring you have the best supplies for the job. Bare Beauty Wax Supply will always stock the highest quality, yet cost-effective waxing supplies for your studio to succeed.

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