Men’s Back Waxing: Everything You Wanted to Know

Back waxing is a hair removal process performed by professionals that utilizes hot wax to remove hair from the back. The result should leave you with smooth skin, free from...

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Men’s Back Waxing: Everything You Wanted to Know

Throughout time, a prominent characteristic for men has been their body hair. As the ages have progressed, more and more men have chosen to remove their back hair and opt for the convenience and confidence that comes with body waxing

What is back waxing?

Back waxing is a hair removal process performed by professionals that utilizes hot wax to remove hair from the back. The result should leave you with smooth skin, free from hair pulled by its follicles.

Should men wax their back?

Like most things, whether or not something should or should not be done is strictly up to the person in question – the same concept applies to back waxing. While some men may find confidence in having a smooth, hair free back, others can find it uncomfortable and costly. 

The truth is that everyone is different and it takes time to find out what works best. However, if you’ve come to a point where the hair on your body has become more of an annoyance than a part of who you are, it may be time to consider booking a back wax! 

The benefits of back waxing

Removing the hair from your back can come with its own set of unexpected benefits. Sure, feeling confident and empowered by how you look is always a positive, but there is more to it than just a confidence boost. Truth be told, waxing your back comes with a few benefits that are easily overlooked. 

For starters, waxing in general delivers that soft, smooth feel by exfoliating your skin. Removing both hair and dead skin cells will leave your skin both looking and feeling good. In addition, waxing your back is considered the hygienic choice. Body hair – especially if there’s a lot of it - can trap dirt, sweat, and body oils, leaving your back in a less-than-desirable position. Yes, bathing can reduce the likelihood of this buildup, but getting to those hard-to-reach areas can leave you dirtier than you anticipated. 

How long does back waxing last?

men's back waxingWhen it comes to the longevity of a back wax, there are a few factors that come into play. The truth is that everyone is different and that each person goes through their own hair growth cycles. These growth cycles are what determines how long your wax will last. On average, a back wax can last anywhere from four to six weeks.

The average cost of back waxing

Cost, similar to the longevity of your back wax, depends on a few different factors. While some people opt to take the risk of performing this hair removal process at home, it really should be completed by a licensed professional. With that in mind, the average cost for a professional back wax can range anywhere between $45 to $75 a session, depending on how much of your back is going to be waxed.

How to provide back waxing services

As a professional, it is important to understand the best way to provide your clients with a seamless back waxing appointment. Together we will go over a few things (listed below) that are important to provide the best possible professional experience. 

Use a high-quality wax on your clients

First and foremost, using quality waxing supplies is the most important stepping stone in setting your practice up for success. When you choose a high quality product, you protect the integrity of your client’s skin as well as the integrity of your business. Waxes of a lower quality contain ingredients that can irritate the skin and cause redness and irritation. In addition, high quality waxes are curated with ingredients that allow the wax to bind to the hairs effortlessly, while also depositing hydrating components into your client’s skin. 

When it comes down to it, you are a professional. The quality of your work is heavily dependent on the materials you use.

Have proper aftercare products on hand

Mastering the technique of removing the wax from your client’s skin is only half of the process when perfecting your waxing practice. Understanding the importance of aftercare products, as well as which of those products are to be used on each client is the other half. Understanding the skin of each person you wax and how to properly care for it will ensure that your business meets professional expectations and reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs. You can find a list of reliable post-wax products on our website.

Educate your clients about aftercare tips 

Once you’ve completed your waxing session, it is critical to go over proper aftercare tips with your client. While it is easy to assume that someone may know how to care for their skin, it is your job as a professional to ensure that they receive that knowledge. 

The view your client holds of your waxing services will be negatively impacted if they were not informed on the proper aftercare procedures, and have unwanted side effects as a result!

Additionally, by going over proper aftercare tips, you will be setting yourself up for success should your client choose to book a recurring appointment. If your client has the appropriate tools and knowledge to care for their wax following your session, you are more likely to have a fresh, primed canvas for their next appointment.

Shop Bare Beauty Wax Supply for the best waxing supplies

Setting your business up for success is our top priority. We offer a range of soft and hard wax, waxing supplies, as well as all your waxing equipment needs.

Together, we succeed in creating the best possible waxing experience for you and your clients!

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