Professional Roll-On Hair Removal Wax for Estheticians

Professional roll-on hair removal wax is one of the most brilliantly designed tools in the esthetics world. Let’s break down its benefits and prep your bank account because once you hear about...

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Professional Roll-On Hair Removal Wax for Estheticians

Being an esthetician requires nurturing, patience, compassion, and boundaries. It’s quite the mix, and it’s definitely the reason you end up feeling like a therapist after some sessions. 

If you’ve dreamed of the day when waxing small areas on your clients are mess-free, consistent, and safe, your day has arrived! Professional roll-on hair removal wax is one of the most brilliantly designed tools in the esthetics world. Let’s break down its benefits and prep your bank account because once you hear about how well it can serve your studio, there’s no going back.

What is roll-on wax?

One of the most cost-effective, easy waxing solutions on the market is roll-on wax. Ideal for smaller body areas, roll-on wax hair removal involves inserting a single-use cartridge into the wax warmer, letting it rise to temperature, and pushing it onto your skin.

What are the benefits of using roll-on wax?

The sheer convenience of roll-on wax alone is worth it. This progressive alternative to traditional waxing is packed with obvious benefits. There’s exactly zero drip during the wax application and an unbeatable level of peak hygiene, given that there’s zero chance of cross-contamination in the absence of wax pots and spatulas. It’s way less messy than the normal wax hair removal station, and saves both time and money. And it’s water soluble, meaning there’s zero residual stickiness. 

Which areas of body hair is roll-on wax best used for?

One of the hardest parts about waxing your clients, on top of making sure they’re comfortable, is how messy it can get. But with all of the wax packed into an easy, roll-on cartridge, it makes it the perfect applicator for certain areas of the body. Roll-on wax is ideal for larger areas of the body. We’re talking legs, full backs, stomachs and similar areas.

What’s the difference between roll-on wax and normal wax?

Roll-on wax uses paper strips for hair removal, meeting it’s a soft wax that is suitable for dry and normal skin. Since you’ll be using roll-on wax in larger areas, it can be just as effective as normal wax – except you’ll be able to apply much quicker!

How to properly use roll-on wax for your clients

To know the roll-on-wax process is to love the roll-on wax process. If you’re using roll-on wax for your clients, you just might sell them on the convenience and quick “in and out” application. It’s essentially a three-step process that’s over before you know it.

How do you heat roll-on wax?

Heating roll-on wax is as easy as sliding the cartridge into the body wax warmer. It usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes for your wax to be heated to the perfect temperature. Roll-on wax gives you the best opportunity to have control and consistent results with your clients. Roll-on wax is an incredibly sanitary procedure since you’re simply inserting the wax into a cartridge versus using a pot with multiple instruments.

How to use roll-on wax

After your wax is heated in the cartridge, the cartridge will distribute soft wax to the area that’s being treated. No traditional warmer, no spatula needed. Applying the wax directly to the skin by holding your cartridge at a 45° angle gently press a single layer of wax onto your client's skin. You’ll then put a hair strip and pull as he would with any other waxing system.

Can you reuse a roll-on wax cartridge?

Being an esthetician, you understand how crucial sanitization is. Especially after the last few years, navigating bacteria and keeping your space user-friendly. The same goes for roll-on wax and its housing cartridge. You might be curious about sanitary practices given how small and easy to use roll-on waxing can be.

Professionally, roll-on wax cartridges should be used once. The cartridge holder, or wax warmer, can then be cleaned and sanitized. Using each wax cartridge once keeps your clients safe and happy.

Shop Bare Beauty Wax Supply’s inventory of roll-on wax

Technology in the esthetics realm is definitely evolving, but there’s still an opportunity to make your life that much easier just by condensing your processes into more manageable, digestible bits. 

Roll-on wax is a great opportunity for new estheticians in your studio and seasoned veterans. If you’re ready to stock your shelves and enjoy the convenience, head over to our website and browse our inventory.

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