Speed Waxing: Wax Efficiently With Great Results

With the ability to speed wax comes the opportunity to take on more clients and present a skill to those who trust you with their waxing needs. Before you begin...

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Speed Waxing: Wax Efficiently With Great Results

As professionals, our career goals should be rooted in consistently expanding our clientele while simultaneously mastering our services. The waxing industry is no different. As a waxing specialist, one of the most important skills to work towards is the ability to speed wax.  

How to have a successful speed waxing session with your clients

With the ability to speed wax comes the opportunity to take on more clients and present a skill to those who are trusting you with their waxing needs. Before you begin trying to wax as fast as possible, it is important to understand the foundations of speed waxing and what materials are needed to provide an effective wax. 

As always, Bare Beauty wax is here to break down the waxing skillset and ensure all of our professionals are well equipped for success. 

Choosing the right wax for this style of waxing 

To begin, the wax you use will determine your level of success in speed waxing. While soft wax is the reigning champion for all of your speed wax needs, there are those who choose to use hard wax or roll wax as their preferred tool of choice. For today we will be discussing the implementation of soft wax in speed waxing to ensure that we cover the basics of the traditional process.

Regardless of what type of wax you choose to use, it is crucial to invest in a quality wax. After all, cheap waxes can come with fillers and harsh ingredients that make the waxing experience less enjoyable for clients, and less effective for the professionals. Remember: never skip on quality – your tools are a direct reflection of your business. 

Dialing in your temperatures, supplies, and techniques

For our newly aspiring wax proteges, and all of our wax professionals, it is important to remember that mastering the standard wax process is critical prior to moving on to speed waxing. Mastery in the skillset is imperative as speed waxing requires strategy, unmatched confidence, and fluid motion to execute properly. If speed waxing is a goal you’re actively working towards, try to practice mindfulness and be aware of every move you make, as well as the intention behind it. 

Keeping your clients comfortable throughout the waxing process

Although the goal is speed, there is no point in working towards making your waxing technique faster if your client doesn't feel comfortable. After all, why would anyone want to return to a self-care appointment that only made them feel awkward and uncomfortable? Plan out both where you will be stationed, as well as what position your client should be in to maximize efficiency, but also be mindful of their needs. 

Speed Waxing 101: Step right in!

So, now that we have the foundational aspects of speed waxing laid out, it’s time to jump into the process and go over what your session and set up should look like to provide radiant waxing services. 

How to prepare for a speed waxing appointment

Preparation is more than just preparing your waxing station or making sure that you have all the tools you need, and the right amount of wax ready to go. Preparation is knowing your client – making sure that you understand what type of services they need, if they have sensitive skin, and understanding how to handle waxing if your client has dry skin. Do yourself a favor and try to proactively plan for every type of scenario.

What does your wax set up need to look like?

Part of having a completed set up is making sure that you have every piece of waxing supplies readily available and ready to be used. There is no point in speed waxing if you have to spend additional time looking for a spatula or trying to make sure that your wax is at the appropriate temperature. 

During your time being mindful while practicing standard body waxing, take note of where you prefer your tools to be. Strategically planning out where tools are on your waxing table will always set yourself up for success. Additionally, always have your wax station placed on the side of your dominant hand for the best technique and minimized movements. 

Finishing your session and setting your client up for success

Whether you’re completing a standard wax, or practicing your speed waxing technique, always leave your client with the necessary information to take home for their wax to be a success. As professionals, it is our job to educate those who trust us with their waxing needs and help our clients succeed!

The benefits of learning about and offering speed waxing 

Offering speed waxing as a service within your studio offers more than just a speedy way to get a client in and out, in fact it comes with a few valuable benefits. 

Giving your clients the best experience with low time commitment 

As a waxing professional, we get to experience first hand how many of our clients are in a rush. I mean, aren't we all? Mastering your skill to the level where you can offer speed waxing as a service means that your clients will be more likely to fit you into their ever-changing schedule. 

Creating space on your schedule to take more clients without sacrificing quality 

For you as a professional, speed waxing can allow you to skillfully tend to your clients, while also opening the door for additional availability. As you become quicker in your services, the time it takes to cater to one client will lessen, opening up additional availability in your business schedule. A true win for both parties involved! 

Bare Beauty Wax Supply has everything you need to set up your speed waxing sessions! 

Bare Beauty Wax Supply – The Esthetician’s Favorite Waxing Supplier. We have everything you need to ensure that your business is set up for success without ever compromising on quality. Visit our online shop to begin stocking your studio, today!

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