Tattoo Waxing: Everything You Need to Know 

Not many people think about it, but as tattoos rise in popularity, estheticians will need to know all about tattoo waxing. Getting a wax before a tattoo can help tremendously...

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Not many people think about it, but as tattoos rise in popularity, estheticians will need to know all about tattoo waxing. Getting a wax before a tattoo can help tremendously with the healing process, and there are benefits to waxing a healed tattoo! Not to mention, it can be a perfect opportunity to form a relationship with other business owners in your area.

Why clients should wax before a tattoo

There are many benefits for your clients to wax an area before they go for a tattoo appointment. It’s a service many people overlook, but can be beneficial for the growth of your studio or spa. Help to educate your clients, and grow your business at the same time!waxing over a tattoo

Save time during your appointment

Typically, a tattoo appointment starts out with a shave of the area where the design will be tattooed. However, if you went for a wax a few days before your appointment you’ll already be ready to go! This saves both you and your tattoo artist some time that they can use to focus on the main reason you’re there.

Plan it out though; waxing can irritate skin for about 24 hours. Give your skin ample time to return to normal before your tattoo appointment. Three days is usually the perfect amount of time to plan between appointments.

No hair growth during the healing process

Shaving only gets rid of the visible hair on top of your skin. When you shave before a tattoo, the hair starts growing back as your tattoo is healing. You don’t want to deal with ingrown hairs on top of already scabbing and itchy skin that’s in the process of healing!

On the other hand, if you wax instead of shaving before your tattoo, it prolongs the process of skin growth. Since the hair is removed by the root, your tattoo will be just about healed by the time that hair begins growing back.

Complementary branding for your studio

Not only is tattoo waxing a great service that you can offer to your existing clients, but it’s also a great complementary branding opportunity. If there are any tattoo shops close to your waxing studio, you could start a working relationship. They can direct their clients to your studio for a pre-tattoo wax, and if any of your clients talk about being interested in getting a tattoo, you can send them some clients, too!

How waxing a healed tattoo brightens your skin

Obviously, you never want to wax a fresh tattoo or you’ll terribly damage the work. Always wait until a tattoo is completely healed to wax your clients. Once it is, waxing can brighten up and make that tattoo look brand new again!

Hair removal for a clearer look

As hair grows back over a tattoo, the brightness and clarity gets obscured by the hair. Waxing over that tattoo removes that hair, and once you get on a regular schedule, leaves your skin hairless for at least a week straight. Exactly how long it takes for your hair to grow back is entirely dependent on your body’s rate of hair growth. Until then, your tattoo will look as if you had gotten it just yesterday.

Exfoliation for brighter tattoos

Additionally, another benefit of tattoo waxing is that if your esthetician used soft wax, you’ll get an exfoliating benefit. This helps to remove all the dead skin and any debris in your pores. Your tattoo and overall skin complexion will brighten up significantly as a result. An application of a post-wax lotion adds to that radiant glow, and helps to hydrate your skin.

The best waxing brands for tattoo waxing

So, what wax is best for those clients who are about to get tattooed, or currently have healed ones? Generally, as long as the tattooed area calls for it, you want to use soft wax for those exfoliating properties. Large areas such as legs, arms, chests and backs are perfect for using soft wax.

WaxOne Soft Wax

First, we have WaxOne’s soft wax. Their soft wax is a hypoallergenic paraffin blend that helps to leave the skin hydrated post-wax, and not sticky like traditional soft waxes. Estheticians love this soft wax for its great quality and price point. It has a place in anyone’s studio or spa!

ItalWax Soft Wax

Next up, ItalWax offers a line of soft wax options to suit any studio’s needs. Choose from scents and colors such as Rose Oil, Raspberry, Amber and more! Each of their soft waxes is designed to remove every single hair, even very short ones from your client. They melt at very low temperatures to ensure a quick and efficient waxing time.

Bare Beauty Wax Supply is the waxing supplier of choice for estheticians all across the nation! Browse our catalog filled with everything you need to run a successful waxing studio, including wax perfect for tattoo waxing!

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