The Story Behind WaxOne's Product Line

Founded by Randy Brenner, WaxOne strives to center the golden rule around every decision they make. Everything they do takes their clients (us, among other estheticians), into consideration as if they were...

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The Story Behind WaxOne's Product Line

“Truth to Self” is a simple concept, but to emulate the essence of what self-truth looks like both in personal and professional growth takes hard work, integrity, and dedication to your passion.

That’s exactly how WaxOne came to be in the first place. Founded to deliver a high-quality wax that felt inaccessible in the world of esthetics, WaxOne discovered that the key to offering an honest product had nothing to do with marketing or location. And it’s one of the many reasons we chose to carry their products on our shelves.

A glimpse into the Golden Rule

Founded by Randy Brenner, WaxOne strives to center the golden rule around every decision they make. Everything they do takes their clients (us, among other estheticians), into consideration as if they were the ones in our shoes. 

waxone product line

We’re living in a world that values quality but seeks the shortest route to get to where it wants to be. Shortcuts have consequences, and we see that every day in our studios. It’s one of the many reasons why they seek out better services and products. It’s easy to sell out and easier still to not feel any remorse about the poor quality products they end up with.

From a seed, the dream will grow 

Building a brand and a product that will stand the test of time is no easy feat. It takes a willingness to fail, and in the esthetics industry, we’re ready to fail in an attempt to give our clients the experience they truly deserve, with excellent wax products that prioritize their skin health.

After 15 years in the esthetic and hair removal industry, helping thousands of customers across the globe, Randy became tired of watching the same old routine with little to no focus on the client, experience, disorganized teams, and rising prices. The products never changed and the customers were less than thrilled.

Empowering our team to do their best work, to shine bright 

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, WaxOne’s owner, Randy, made a commitment to keep it simple, with the intention for WaxOne’s employees to enjoy what they do while they’re working and embrace having a life outside of this work without interruption makes the team what it is today; talented, cared for, driven. The very values we hold dear to ourselves at Bare Beauty Wax Supply.

Making the most out of every opportunity to expand

Giving our customers an experience and product line to rely on has been nothing short of extraordinary. Delivering a fair price, reliable and superior product that arrives quickly and makes everyone’s lives easier is the key, and really, it’s the will and right to lead by example that keeps us going.

Creating a product that honors our commitment to our clients

Not to toot our own horn, but estheticians are brilliant. We’re the people who can answer a question about skincare down to the minute molecule. We’re ambitious and compassionate, and carrying a product that we can feel confident about and connected to is something WaxOne never took lightly.

Ingredients that soothe the body and the soul

With a background in biology and chemistry coupled with a true understanding of the way skin care products work, Randy knew exactly what he needed to do to change the industry and the way it approaches esthetics and wax supply. After more than a year of trials, with endless formulas by a wide range of manufacturers, they knew when they had created the one. And thus, WaxOne was born!

Consistency and expansion 

There’s a difference between selling a product and believing in it. And since WaxOne was built from the ground up, we know exactly what type of material to expect. That level of consistency is exactly what our customers (and yours) deserve.

An honest offering to the world of waxing

It’s easy to blow smoke and mirrors and make a quick buck while you’re en route to the land of bare minimums. But to build a brand and a product that carries with it our core values and beliefs about this work – that’s something worth talking about. That’s something worth celebrating. It’s one of the many reasons we feel so connected to WaxOne’s superior product.

WaxOne for all your waxing needs  

You can choose your destiny at every corner, and at every corner, without fail, WaxOne chose Truth to Self – truth to their clients, their products, and the desire they have to offer uncompromising experiences in their wax product. It’s with great pride that Bare Beauty Wax Supply carries this product, and we cannot wait to show you what we can do with it!

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