Waxing Your Client’s Dry Skin

Much like those personal experiences, there’s nothing worse than having a client leave the studio in worse condition than when they arrived. Knowing how to go about waxing your client’s...

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waxing dry skin

If you’re a parent, or you’re pulling two jobs to make it all work- you know the value of time and money better than most. You also know how tough it is when it feels like you’ve put your hard-earned money into a service that couldn't accommodate your needs.

Much like those personal experiences, there’s nothing worse than having a client leave the studio in worse condition than when they arrived. Knowing how to go about waxing your client’s dry skin is imperative, especially if you want their continued business.

What is dry skin?dry skin

Dry skin comes in all different sizes, colors, and areas. Commonly known as xerosis, dry skin can come from a spectrum of causes and triggers. Knowing them as an esthetician can help you think ahead, spot a problem before it starts, and stay prepared to help your clients with dry, sensitive skin.

Factors that cause dry skin

If you've ever had a sunburn, you might know a little about what dehydrated skin feels like. Most cases of dry skin stem from water loss on the epidermis, or outside layer of the skin. Environmental factors can have a huge impact on your client’s skin- especially if they live in cold and windy conditions.

The difference between dry vs dehydrated skin

There's an important distinction between skin that is dry versus skin that is dehydrated. Dehydrated skin is deprived of the proper water levels the body needs whereas dry skin is experiencing a lack of lipids or fats. Dehydrated skin is a condition and dry skin is a skin type.

How to prepare dry skin for waxing

Taking stock of your client’s needs prior to their waxing session is nothing new. Every client has a different set of parameters to work within and meeting those expectations while providing your services is imperative.

When you invest in talking to your clients about their dry skin, dead skin cells, and body hair removal, Not only does it show your clients that you are prepared, it demonstrates that you have a vested interest in their well-being. That’s the type of relationship that people seek out in professional services. Building trust is a pillar of longevity.

Advise exfoliation before the waxing appointment

When a client books with you, always recommend that they perform their preferred method of exfoliation a day or two before their appointment. Having your clients shower before their appointment can offer a smoother waxing experience, too. Exfoliation prior to your client’s hard wax appointment helps stimulate the lymph system and helps absorb moisture on a deeper level.

Always use pre-wax lotion or oil on dry skin

The trick to anything is to get a head of concerns you know will arise later. Any risk, no matter how calculated, can still incite a problem area down the road. There are plenty of ways to go about replenishing the lack of lipids or oils in the skin. Using a pre-wax lotion or oil helps cleanse their skin, and prevents future inflammation and redness.

Keep up with a solid at-home skincare routine

One of the best pieces of advice we could give ourselves, and therefore our clients, is to maintain whatever at-home skincare routine is currently in place. In the same way that consistent waxing offers benefits over time, a solid at-home skin care regimen will do the same.

Post-wax care for dry skin

Your client’s post-wax care for dry skin must be emphasized before they leave after their appointment—a moisturizing routine with nourishing ingredients like almond oil, honey, coconut oil, argan, and aloe. Slathering the waxed area with any of the aforementioned products will seal up those pores and replenish your client’s dry skin with some much-needed moisture.

Apply post-wax products on freshly waxed skin

There’s nothing like the smooth, cool sensation of getting those post-wax, delicious moisturizers on the skin. You know you love it just as much as any of your clients would. It brings a sense of relief and completion to any remaining stinging or discomfort.

Guide clients with the right moisturizer for their skin after a wax

Knowing how to support your client’s path to clear, hydrated skin is essential. And providing them with the proper resources post-appointment builds upon their confidence in your studio. Some of the best marketing comes from providing a service to your community more consistently, and better than anyone else in that industry.

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