A Guide to Waxing Facial Hair

Many people wax their facial hair out of convenience and for the length of time they get to go hairless between wax appointments.

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waxing facial hair

Whether you’re a big fan of making out with your partner after a smooth wax or you’re ready to take the plunge and get a little wax treatment yourself, waxing facial hair is an incredible option for all genders seeking softer skin.

Many people wax their facial hair out of convenience and for the length of time they get to go hairless between wax appointments.

Why would you wax your facial hair?

Waxing your facial hair is a long lasting solution to an ever growing concern. And facial hair waxing lasts at different intervals, depending on how fast your hair normally grows.face waxing

How long does hair have to be to wax?

The typical wax cycle typically lasts about a month. You’ll have no hair for about the first two weeks, then hair will slowly grow back to the necessary length before your next appointment. This is all dependent upon everyone’s individual hair growth cycle. In order to get waxed in the first place, your facial hair needs to be a certain length, about a quarter of an inch long. Picture a grain of rice, and that will give you a perfect idea of how long your hair needs to be before it can be waxed.

Who shouldn’t wax their face?

A full face wax is not for everyone.

Folks who are on treatment plans like Accutane or using retinoids should avoid waxing completely. If you're prone to breakouts or have serious medical conditions, you may want to speak with your aesthetician about waxing alternatives. The last thing you want is to have a painful procedure and make matters for your skin that much worse.

DIY facial waxing steps

If you’re waxing at home in between appointments, or if you’re on the road and not able to make it, there’s a way to do it safely and effectively. We want to make sure we check off both of those boxes and not just one.

What you need for at-home waxing

You’ll want to be mindful about the condition of your skin prior to considering waxing at home. Under no circumstance should anyone with a sunburn, inflamed or sensitive skin wax themselves. If you recently went through a chemical peel session with your esthetician, holding off on waxing is probably a good call until your skin passes through its healing cycle.

Waxing steps

Hard wax is a great option for waxing the face at home given that it doesn’t require any extra tools or frills. Before waxing you want to make sure there is virtually nothing on your face for about 24 hours leading up to your session. About 48 hours before your session, a light exfoliation is acceptable if you choose to take that route.

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to make sure your skin is clean. This means the wax will be able to adhere properly to your skin. When your face is dry and sparkly clean, you should test your wax temperature by putting a small drop on your wrist.

The wax should feel warm to touch but shouldn’t burn. As you begin to spread the wax, you’ll want to concentrate on smaller sections. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re spreading the wax in the direction your hair grows. When the wax has dried up a bit and feels tacky, pull the wax in the opposite direction of the way your hair growth comes in.

Aftercare steps

After waxing, make sure to avoid hot water. Yes, that means holding off on a bath or shower unless it’s lukewarm. You’ll want to avoid saunas, steam treatments, and tanning or sun exposure. If you follow the steps, you’ll reap all of the benefits from your waxing session.

The benefits of going to a licensed esthetician

When you schedule a wax appointment with your licensed esthetician, you allow them to do what they do best. Unless you’ve been to and through esthetician courses to become licensed, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Professional care, minimal discomfort

Being in the hands of a professional during a sensitive procedure like waxing can help ease anxiety, make sure the job gets done correctly and helps you develop a working relationship with your esthetician. Plus, let’s not forget to mention the amount of high-quality products that will be used on your skin at your appointment.

High-quality waxing products

Getting the tea on which wax warmer and accompanying tools are the best on the market right now it’s just one of 1 billion secrets you’re gonna need to know for a successful waxing studio. Everything from post-wax lotions and ingrown hair serums are available to you, and should always be in stock.

If you haven’t looked at Bare Beauty Wax Supply’s products, it’s time to take the thought out of it and pull the trigger. You know your business deserves the highest quality, and we know it, too!

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