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If you haven’t heard about WaxOne products yet, you’re in for a treat! This line of waxing products has garnered a great reputation among estheticians all over for both its...

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If you haven’t heard about WaxOne products yet, you’re in for a treat! This line of waxing products has garnered a great reputation among estheticians all over for both its price and quality. From inception, WaxOne’s goal is to ensure that estheticians have access to a line of products that give the ideal waxing experience to clients.

Overview of products offered by WaxOne

The WaxOne line of products offers two types of hard wax, soft strip wax, both pre and post wax lotion, and more! Each kind of WaxOne wax melts at a low temperature to ensure optimal client safety and comfort during every session.

WaxOne Total

First up, we have one of WaxOne’s leading hard wax formulas. The WaxOne Total hard wax beads are perfect for more sensitive areas of skin, such as the face, underarms, or for a bikini or brazilian wax. The consistency of WaxOne Total is gel-like, and remains flexible and pliable as it sets on your client’s skin.

The newest formulation of WaxOne Total lets estheticians achieve gentle yet efficient results. WaxOne’s thinnest application yet, it benefits you by being extremely flexible without snapping and saving you money in the long run!

If you’re looking for a hard wax with a thin application and a great price point, look no further! WaxOne Total is available in two sizes: 2.2lb and 10lb bulk. Give the 2.2lb bag of WaxOne Total a try to get a feel for the WaxOne experience!

WaxOne QuickSet

Next, we have WaxOne’s other leading hard wax product. WaxOne QuickSet is very similar to Total, but features a much faster set time (as you likely could guess from the name). The QuickSet beads have the same benefits as the Total formula, and can even be combined together for use at any ratio!

Ideally, estheticians who have studios or salons in high climate or very humid areas will get the most out of this hard wax. Or, if you just prefer a hard wax with a faster set time, you’ll find your solution in QuickSet.

Unlike the Total, we only offer WaxOne QuickSet in a 10lb bag or bucket. Even so, it’s doubtful you could be disappointed by the wonderful value that it offers.

WaxOne Strip Wax

As far as soft wax goes, WaxOne has strip wax suitable for all types of skin. This soft wax is both hypoallergenic and fragrance free, limiting possible irritation to your client’s skin. Additionally, the microcrystalline formula used to create this wax features nourishing mineral oils that moisturize and hydrate the skin after wax removal.

It’s a great addition to any esthetician’s business, and you can find the soft wax here! Soft wax is ideal for studios waxing large areas of the body, such as legs. If your studio waxes men, soft wax is also great for waxing both the back and chest areas, too.

WaxOne Accessories

No product line is complete with simply wax. The WaxOne line sells their own 5lb wax warmer, wax remover to easily clean up equipment and floors (but absolutely not skin), and lotions.

The WaxOne pre-wax lotion is refreshing and relaxing, meant to prepare your client for their wax. Enriched with menthol, it helps wax adhere to skin and reduces redness or irritation from appearing.

On the other hand, their post-wax lotion is the perfect moisturizer. This lotion nourishes and softens the skin, and helps to remove and wax residue. For clients with very dry skin, the post-wax lotion can actually be used before waxing, too.

The WaxOne promise

The secret to WaxOne’s high quality, yet affordable product line is simple. They set out with a goal of making an ideal and efficient wax for estheticians everywhere. You shouldn't have to compromise the quality of your waxes for price, and WaxOne offers just that.

WaxOne time, every time

The one guiding principle of WaxOne products is that you ought to be able to wax one time, every time. All of the waxes offered by their line aim to grab both fine and coarse hairs in just a single application, reducing the amount of time and wax you need to use.

For best results, WaxOne recommends warming their wax to a honey-like consistency as it wraps around your wax stick. The low melt temperature makes it unique and extra safe for your clients.

Affordability and quality

For studios of all sizes, WaxOne offers high-quality wax products that any esthetician will find beneficial. No matter what product you’re looking to add to your business, you’ll find both affordability and excellence from all of WaxOne’s offerings.

Studio waxing solution

For those just starting their esthetician business, WaxOne is a great all-encompassing solution. Their line covers almost all the products you’ll need to start your business, and at a great price.

Bare Beauty Wax Supply is the best place to find the entire WaxOne product line, and anything else you need for your waxing studio! Featuring a great rewards program for repeat customers, and thoughtful insights on the esthetics industry, it’s the best place to order waxing supplies! Enjoy free shipping on orders over $175 and timely delivery from Bare Beauty Wax Supply today!

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