With Super charged, hair gripping polymer formulation! Leaves the skin hairless, super smooth and free of residue. Flexible, gentle easy to use.


  • Face + Body use
  • Ultra Gentle and pliable
  • Melts quickly and hardens fast on skin 
  • Leaves no residue


    • Warm up wax beads to lukewarm temperature and becomes completely liquefied. A cornstarch powder can be used to absorb excess body oils.
    • Dip wooden spatula into wax and spread a thin and even layer of wax on the area you wish to wax in the same direction of hair growth. Wait 30 seconds or so and press down with hand. Firmly hold the skin with one hand and with the other hand, pull wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.
    • When waxing is completed, cleanse skin thoroughly with the Dermwax Calendula Oil. This will remove any residue left behind and soothe/ hydrate the skin.

    CAUTION: For external use only. Open package/can carefully to avoid injury. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. To avoid potential burns, always test wax temperature before applying on skin (temperature should not exceed 120°F). Keep out reach of children.

    INGREDIENTS: Glyceryl rosinate, Cera alba, Cera microcristalina, Paraffinum, Ethyl vinyl acetate, Parfum, Limonene, Hexyl cinnamal, CI 1585

    Made in France

    Product packaging my vary. Note: 60 LBS is shipped as 6 10-LB bags for your safety.

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