ItalWax Coral

Hot film wax


ItalWax Coral is a creamy bright wax that is easily applied, doesn't burn, and most importantly doesn't irritate your client's sensitive skin in delicate areas. Perfectly suited for face depilation, it doesn't leave any reddening even on light and thin skin.

This hard wax is free of natural pine resin, is allergy free, and, as a low temperature wax, has a low melting point of 100 degree F. ItalWax Coral is extra flexible, with an application that can't be broken, and doesn't create stretchy threads like some other waxes. It is appropriate for hair removal no matter the hair coarseness or length. It can easily be applied with the your spatula without worrying about the direction of hair growth and can even be removed without strips.

Hot film synthetic resin Italwax Top Line wax is formulated for sensitive skin prone to allergies.

It is presented in a new ziplock bag, protecting the wax from dirt.

It's eye-catching and trendy Coral hue is perfect for adding some aesthetics to your esthetics table!

An excellent hard wax product in the ItalWax line of waxing supplies, Coral offers excellent flexibility along with many other benefits that will help you provide an ideal waxing experience for your clients, all while enhancing your productivity and giving you peace of mind every single time you turn on your wax warmer to start your day!

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