ItalWax Crystal

Hot film wax


ItalWax Crystal is a semi-transparent wax that features an extraordinary plasticity. A joy to work with, it can be applied in large applications and won't break during removal for a greater ease of use. This wax is made from a custom formula that includes special ingredients which allow it to grip and remove course and short hair within 1 minute of application.

This wax is free of natural pine resin, allergy free, and is a low temperature wax that melts at 100 degrees F. This wax is extra flexible, with an application that can't be broken. Unlike some inferior waxes, it doesn't create stretchy threads that are the bane of any estheticians existence. This wax is appropriate for removal regardless of hair coarseness or length, saving you time for clients with varying degrees of hair growth. It can even be applied without worrying about direction of hair growth and doesn't require the use of strips saving you money.

ItalWax Crystal is just another excellent product in the professional line of waxing solutions from ItalWax, providing excellent performance for estheticians, and helping to produce perfect results for your waxing clients. Add Crystal as well as other ItalWax waxing products to your esthetics table!


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