ItalWax - Natural

Hot film wax


Transparent wax with the special delicate formula for sensitive zones. The wax follows the body curves, easily capture sthe short and coarse hair on the uneven surfaces. While applying, the wax temperatre is very low, what makes it ideal for senstive skin in delicate areas. Setting up time is 6 - 10 seconds.

Film Wax has lower melting temperatures 104 - 113F. It also completely duplicates the relief of depilated area, catches all hair close to the skin surface, which allows to remove hair from hard-to-reach zones on the first try. Film wax application can't be broken during removal. Film wax sticks to the hairs only, but no to the skin, reducing the pain and the skin irritation during the producure. Film wax is removed as film, depilate all the hairs with roots, does not leave broken hairs, irritation, and redness. The number of applications to the treated area in the three times small comparing to traditional hot wax. It also reduced depilation procedure time and is 38% more economical in use, comparing to classic hard wax.

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