ItalWax Pink Pearl

Hot film wax


ItalWax Pink Pearl is a high-plastic wax which is easy on the skin. This formula perfectly grips the hairs, allowing for a flawless removal on each pull. Due to its extended heating effect, it gently steams the skin making hair removal easier and more efficient. This wax truly makes for a painless and pleasant waxing experience your clients won't soon forget.

This wax is free of natural pine resin, is allergy free, and melts at a low temperature of 100 degrees F. ItalWax Pink Pearl is extra flexible, forming an application can't be broken, and doesn't create stretchy thread. This is an appropriate wax for removal regardless of the hair coarseness and length. It can be applied with the stick without worrying about the orientation of hair growth and is easily removed without the need for wax strips.

Another excellent waxing solution from the ItalWax line of waxing products, this wax will make a perfect addition to your waxing table, providing you with flexibility, ease of use, and workability. If you're looking for more from the ItalWax line of waxing products, we offer plenty of options. Order your ItalWax Pink Pearl wax today along with our other professional grade waxing products.

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