ItalWax - Selfie Wax

Hypoallergenic Hard Wax formulated for facial waxing.


Innovative "Selfie" wax formulation was created specifically to remove unwanted hair on the sensitive face skin. Hard Wax "selfie" is formulated resin-free and is created to remove hair on the sensitive skin on the face. The natural oils complex in "Selfie" cushions the wax effect on the face, creating maximum protection and extra comfort during the procedure. Wax does not burn or injure delicate skin, nor does it leave redness even on thin and sensitive skin.

Hard film wax that works perfectly with a pre-wax oil application, it has an innovative synthetic wax formulation and does not cause allergies or reactions. It is applied regardless the hair growth direction and removed as a film. It has a high adhesion level which captures short and coarse hairs.

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