ItalWax - Nirvana Wax - Sandalwood

Hot film wax


An innovative synthetic wax formula with Sandal oil for aromatic spa waxing procedure. The wax is created to be used with pre-waxing oil specifically to remove hair in delicate areas (armpits, bikini) and can be used for bigger areas (arm, back). It effectively removes short previously shaved hairs, and the aromatic oil protects,, moisturizes delicate skin during the procedure and creates a relaxing effect. Warmed up wax has a pronounced aroma, it enhances the caring oil effect, which ensures the smoothness and softness of the skin after the waxing procedure.

Hard film that works perfectly after the pre-wax oil application, it has an innovative synthetic wax formulation and does not cause allergies. It is applied regardless the hair growth direction and removed as film. It has a high adhesion level which captures short and coarse hairs.

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  • Hard Wax
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  • Italwax Hard Wax
  • Nirvana Luxury Wax

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