Tweezerman Point Tweezers

Our Point Tweezer features finely tapered tips ideal to remove fine or ingrown hairs. Hand-filed and perfectly aligned pointed tips grab every hair, every time.
  1. Open your pores with a warm washcloth or wash your face with warm water to make tweezing easier and more comfortable.
  2. When tweezing, always use a well-lit mirror to ensure you’re correctly targeting unwanted facial hair. 
  3. Hold your Point Tweezer with your thumb and index finger.
  4. Pull the hair in the direction of growth to remove it at the root. 
  5. Continue until all unwanted hair has been removed.
  • Our Point Tweezer is designed specifically for ingrown and fine hair removal, allowing you to target unwanted facial and body hair.
  • Built with hand-filed and perfectly aligned tips, the Point Tweezer closes evenly to remove hair at the root with ease.
  • Plus, superior calibrated tension offers the comfort and control you need to perform detailed hair removal on clients or yourself.
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