Waxness Silicone 5.5LB Wax Warmer Insert


-Flexible non-stick silicone bowl Insert (for use with 16 oz/ 1lb wax warmers)

-Easy to clean or change the wax after use - After the hard wax is solid it can be simply removed from the bowl as a block by flexing the bottom of the bowl

-Very economical - The wax can be stored in a zip bag for later use.

-Versatile - Fits most 5.5 lb warmers

-Ergonomic design - The side handles allow to remove the bowl from the warmer easily

-Rapid heating - A flat bottom of the bowl enables a better heat transfer and a faster melting of the wax

-Silicone bowl size: 6.75 inches diameter *5.5 inches height. Fits  5.5  lb warmers

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