WaxOne - Quickset 4.5kg – 10lb Bucket of Beads

Fantastic hard wax for use in warm or humid areas or when a faster set wax is desired. Performs identical to our WaxOne Total with a ‘Quick Set’ time on the skin. Can be mixed with WaxOne Total at any ratio.


Our Best Value! The WaxOne Quickset features its newest formulation hard stripless wax allowing for efficient, gentle waxing with thinner application saving you money! This new formulation gives superior flexibility with absolutely zero breaking or snapping. It adheres to both coarse and fine hairs without the worry of pulling skin. It is completely safe for use on all skin types and areas. This wax melts at a low temp, allowing for unparalleled safety and client comfort.

The Quick Set has a creamier consistency and faster dry time than the Total formula. WaxOne Quickset is perfect for estheticians in a high climate or in humid areas. This formula can be mixed with Total in any ratio, and has the same strengths and qualities you will come to expect with WaxOne products!

WaxOne time, every time. This blend of WaxOne Quickset hard wax aims to grab all hairs with just a single application. The consistency should wrap around your wax stick like honey to get the best results from use. No strips required!

Save money by purchasing the WaxOne Quickset 10lb bucket! This is the best value for estheticians that go through plenty of hard wax. Despite the price point, quality is never compromised. WaxOne provides both quality and value to estheticians seeking to create a quality experience for their clients, without the high price tag of other hard waxes.

Experience what WaxOne can do for your waxing studio, and order some today!

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