WaxOne Hard Wax Total 1 kg – 2.2lb Bag

WaxOne Total has a gel consistency and remains pliable and flexible as it sets. The perfect for estheticians seeking a hard wax with thinner application. The 2.2lb is ideal to get an idea of the WaxOne's quality product line.

Hard wax applies thicker than soft wax and removed without strips. Unlike soft wax, hard wax does not stick to the skin, which makes it less irritating. It is used for the face, underarms, bikini and Brazilian.


Great for estheticians who want to try out WaxOne products! The WaxOne Total features its newest formulation hard stripless wax that allows for efficient, gentle waxing with thinner application saving you money. This new formulation gives superior flexibility with absolutely zero breaking or snapping. It adheres to both coarse and fine hairs without the worry of pulling skin. It is completely safe for use on all skin types and areas. This wax melts at a low temp, allowing for unparalleled safety and client comfort.

The Total has a gel consistency and remains pliable and flexible as it sets. WaxOne Total is perfect for estheticians looking for a hard wax with a thinner application. Both coarse and fine hairs are grabbed with just a single application!

WaxOne time, every time. This blend of WaxOne Total hard wax aims to grab all hairs with just a single application. The consistency should wrap around your wax stick like honey to get the best results from use. No strips required!

First time WaxOne buyers, try out this bag! Despite the price point, quality is never compromised. WaxOne provides both quality and value to estheticians seeking to create a quality experience for their clients, without the high price tag of other hard waxes.

Experience what WaxOne can do for your waxing studio, and order some today!

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  • WaxOne Total 2.2lb bag
  • WaxOne Total 2.2lb bag

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