Product Knowledge: Five Reasons to Love Italwax Top Line Waxes for Luxury Hair Removal Services

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Product Knowledge: Five Reasons to Love Italwax Top Line Waxes for Luxury Hair Removal Services

If you're a waxing expert, we probably don't have to tell you that the quality of the wax you use in each service will have a major impact on the results.

Although technique and timing are everything, choosing the right wax brand for your business is what will ultimately help you deliver the best services for your clients and draw repeat customers to you as a provider.

With this in mind, today we're taking a closer look at one of our premier product lines: Italwax and their newest Top Line offering: Argan. Here's everything you need to know about what makes this series stand out.

About the Brand: What makes Italwax's Top Line Waxes Unique:

#1: Italwax Has High Performance Formulas for Getting Seriously Smooth Results

Made in Italy, and held to the highest EU standards for formulation, Italwax's hair removal products are renowned for their use of cutting edge manufacturing technology and precise testing procedures.

In particular, the Top Line wax products are engineered to work at a low temperature, ensuring elevated client comfort and flawless application -- i.e. no more breaking or stretchy threads! They can also be applied with a spatula regardless of the direction of hair growth, and don't require any strips to remove.

#2: Italwax Top Line Products Offer Customizable Care for All Skin Types

Within the Top Line range, you'll find a wide variety of options for all manner of waxing needs. The products can be used to address any type of hair coarseness and length – from thick terminal hair to fine vellus hairs, and everything in between.

They're also available in multiple formats for different service types you may offer – from large surface areas such as the chest, back, and legs, to smaller areas like the face, underarms, and intimate waxing. For example, Italwax Top Line beads in Coral are well-suited for facial waxing, whereas Italwax Crystal can be used to tackle larger areas of the body. Top Line products are also available in roll-on cartridges for super-easy application for soft wax.

#3: Italwax Focuses on Skin-Friendly Ingredients

In order to create products that perform in the treatment room but won't cause any adverse side effects, Italwax leverages advanced ingredient technology and omits additives that are known to irritate sensitive skin or skin prone to allergies.

All Top Line products feature premium level synthetic polymer wax, and are high plastic for superior stretchability. They are free of natural pine resin, to prevent allergic reactions. You'll also find options like Top Line Orchid, which is free of titanium dioxide and perfect for extra sensitive areas.

#4: Italwax Provides An Effortless Experience For You -- AND Your Clients

Whether you're a solo practitioner or a large-scale spa, client retention is all about creating a memorable experience with every service. While some waxes can be tricky to work with, leaving a sticky finish and stubborn hairs behind, Italwax set out to eliminate these issues with waxing products that are truly next-level.

Top Line Wax products are designed to effortlessly lift unwanted hair of all lengths, and are easily removed, so you never have to worry about post-wax redness, stray hairs, or unwanted residue. They also have a short set time, perfect for keeping services speedy, yet efficient. Your clients will love the way their skin feels soft, silky, smooth, and calm after every visit to your treatment room.

#5: Italwax Products Infuse Every Service With a Touch of Top Line Luxury

In the beauty and esthetics industry, details matter, and in our opinion, Italwax is a brand that truly understands this.

From their exquisite packaging to their eye-catching colors (be sure to check out their stunning Pink Pearl Wax), Top Line products convey to your clients that they are in for an exceptional service at a high-end establishment. Some customers may even ask for Italwax products by name, once they're treated to the incredible results!

Introducing Argan: The New Addition To Italwax's Top Line Collection

At Bare Beauty Wax Supply, we are excited to offer the latest release by Italwax: Topline Argan.
Argan wax is a premium-level polymer synthetic hard wax perfect for hair removal on delicate areas, including the face, underarms, and bikini zone.

Combining Italwax's advanced formulation technology with the skin-nourishing properties of argan, this extra flexible formula can be applied at a low temperature of 38°C and won't break or create stretchy threads.

Just like Top Line Orchid, Argan wax is free of natural pine resin and titanium dioxide and can be applied with a spatula, regardless of hair growth direction – no strips needed. It's also enriched with the subtle, yet enchanting fragrance of argan, lending to a truly luxurious treatment, every time you apply.

Bonus Tip: For a complete pampering protocol, consider treating freshly-waxed areas with Italwax's After Wax Lotion: Argan. It's filled with antioxidants and ultra-moisturizing ingredients that support the skin and promote elasticity post-procedure.

Be sure to check out Italwax full line of products on our website. We offer everything from hard and soft wax to pre and post care products. Not sure which wax is a perfect fit for you and your esthetic business? Reach out and ask us to help pair you with your perfect match. Local to Temecula, CA? Stop by our local store front and test out our array of waxes to find your match.

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